Y1 Bring your favourite toy!

Hi Year 1, This half term in our History lessons, we will be learning all about toys from the past. We will begin by looking at modern toys to help us compare. On Thursday 22nd April, please bring one of your favourite toys to school to talk about. Please do not bring an electronic toy […]

1W Science Experiment – Materials

As you know, the tiger made such a terrible mess when he went for tea at Sophie’s house! To help mum, we were investigating which material would be best to mop up the tea from the table. What did we find out? Which material was best? Which materials were waterproof?

1W Hunt for Fred 🐸

Goodness me… what a morning! It was just a normal phonics lesson and, of course, we had to wake Fred. When we opened the drawer, he was GONE! We were ever so worried. Watch our adventure below… Luckily, Fred was safe! He was just causing mischief again (like he did at Miss Smith’s house!). CHALLENGE […]

1W Super Spellers ⭐️

WOW! What an improvement!! I am SO proud of you all. Last week we had 11 Super Spellers but this week we have 18! Well done team!! You can do anything you put your mind to! Let’s see if we can beat this next week! Remember to start practising Week 5 spellings!

1W First Week Back

1White, I am SO proud of you! We have had an absolutely fantastic week and it is just like we have never been away! You have behaved beautifully, worked brilliantly and brought so much happiness back into our lives!! It is fantastic to see that the efforts (from both children and parents) over lockdown have […]

Y1 Walk around the local area

UPDATE: We will rearrange the walk if the weather does not improve. Hi everybody, On Thursday 11th March, Y1 will be going on a short walk around the local area to study houses. This is part of our History topic. Please ensure all children are wearing a waterproof coat with a hood… just in case! […]

Y1 Storytime 05.03.21

Hi Year 1, Today we are reading ‘Peter Rabbit – The Tale of a Naughty Little Rabbit’ which is based on the original tale by Beatrix Potter. Can you tell me what happened in the story? We cannot WAIT to see you all on Monday! Have a fantastic weekend!

1W Zoom – World Book Day 10AM

Hi everybody, As you know, tomorrow (Thursday 4th March) is World Book Day! We expect you ALL to be dressed up as a character from a book. Remember, you do not have to buy a costume. Home-made outfits are fantastic!! At 10AM tomorrow, we will have a whole class Zoom so that we can have […]

Y1 World Book Day – READING

Hi Year 1! Today Miss Smith would like to share a funny story with you. It is called ‘The Dinosaur that Pooped the Bed!’. It was written by Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter. These talented young men are musicians too! The story was illustrated by Garry Parsons. Name 3 things that the dinosaur ate. What […]

Y1 Home Learning MATHS 03.03.21

Hi Year 1! Yesterday we were using our addition skills to solve length problems. Today we are using our subtraction skills! Watch the short lesson below: RED GROUPPlease solve these calculations. Show your jottings underneath. 5 – 2 = 8 – 3 = 9 – 1 =4 – 4 = 7 – 0 = 6 […]

Y1 Home Learning MATHS 02.03.21

Hi Year 1! Today we are learning to solve addition problems involving length. This means we need to apply skills that we have already learnt! Watch the short lesson below… RED GROUPPlease solve these calculations. Show your jottings underneath. 5 + 2 = 3 + 3 = 8 + 1 =4 + 4 = 9 […]

Y1 Home Learning MATHS 01.03.21

Hi Year 1! Today we are going to be learning to measure length with a ruler. Watch the short lesson below: CHALLENGE 1Your work is set on Education City under ‘Homework’. The game is called Space City. Please comment on the blog when you have completed it. CHALLENGE 2If you have a ruler at home, […]

Y1 Final Week of Home Learning 🎉

Hi Year 1! This is our FINAL week of remote learning! YAY! This time next week we will all be back together again, ready to have lots of fun at school! Your teachers honestly cannot WAIT to see you! We have missed you SOOOO much! It has not been easy for Year 1. In the […]

Y1 Storytime with Miss Smith 26.02.21

Hi Year 1! Our story today is called Ruby’s Worry, written and illustrated by Tom Percival. It is published by Bloomsbury. Can you tell me what happened in the story? It is so important to talk to somebody if you are ever worried. Who could you talk to if something was worrying you?

1W Citizen of the week – Week 1

Welcome back 1White! Our citizen of the week is a young man who has been making me proud for a very long time! Jebrin has been a little STAR this week, as always! He has tackled all of his work with a positive attitude and it is clear to see the superb progress he has […]

1W Zoom Friday 10AM

Hi Year 1, We will have our weekly Zoom call on Friday morning. I would like to see ALL children attending. Red & Orange group: Please join at 10am. Yellow, Blue & Green group: Please join at 10:15am. The children know which colour group they are in! Think about which coloured spelling card they take […]

Y1 Home Learning 25.02.21 MATHS

Hi Year 1! Today we are learning to measure length using non-standard units. This means we will NOT be using a ruler! We will be using different objects instead. Watch the short lesson below & then complete the challenges… CHALLENGE 1Choose something you have at home that could be used to measure things. For example, […]

World Book Day – Thursday 4th March 2021

Hi everybody! On Thursday 4th March it is World Book Day! Although we will be learning from home, we would still like to see EVERYONE dressed up as a book character. You will all be able to see eachother’s costumes on Zoom and there will be lots of photo/video opportunities! I think we all deserve […]

Y1 Home Learning 24.02.21 MATHS

Hi Year 1, Yesterday we learnt to compare length. Today we are going to make progress and compare height! CHALLENGE 1Look at all the people in your household. Stand in a line and see if you can complete the following sentences. Write your answers on the blog. __________________________________ is the tallest. _________________________________ is the shortest. […]

Y1 Home Learning 23.02.21 – MATHS

Hi Year 1, For the next two weeks, we will be learning about measuring length and height. Today we are learning to compare lengths. Watch the short lesson below… CHALLENGEChoose 4 different toys or objects from around the house. Line them up carefully and complete these sentences: The _________________________ is the longest. The __________________________is the […]

Y1 Home Learning 22.02.21 – MATHS

Hi Year 1, Today we are learning to count in 5s. This is an important skill to help you with your times tables in Y2. Firstly, I would like you to stand up, dance and count along to the video below… Now watch the short lesson below: Use the number line below to help you […]

Y1 Home Learning 22.02.21 PHONICS

Welcome back Year 1! I hope you had a fantastic break and that you are now feeling ready to learn! Green, Blue & Yellow groupsHere is your phonics lesson: Can you segment and blend these words? Can you read this story? There are lots of ‘er’ words to find! CHALLENGEPlease find your work on Education […]

1W Theatrical Thursday Performance

Well… we did it! 6 weeks in lockdown COMPLETE! 6 weeks of home learning COMPLETE! It has certainly not been easy but we haven’t given up! Each and every day you have found ways to make us SO proud. You make me feel so lucky to be your teacher! This week, although we haven’t been […]

1W Zoom Call Tomorrow 10AM

Hi Year 1, Tomorrow (Thursday) is the last day of term. We will have our Zoom call in the morning and I would like to see ALL children attending. :) This week, all groups can join at 10am. IMPORTANT INFORMATION Your cameras MUST be on. Your name MUST be set as your own first name. […]

Y1 Performance Videos

Hi Year 1! As part of Music Week, we are going to create a whole class performance of ‘Hakuna Matata’. Of course, we are not together at school so every child will need to upload one or two (10-20seconds) video clips to add to the performance. ALL CHILDREN MUST UPLOAD THEIR VIDEOS BY WEDNESDAY 1PM. […]

Y1 Home Learning 10.02.21 – MUSIC

Hi Year 1! Today we are looking at the rhythm of the song ‘Hakuna Matata’. This means the pattern of the beats in the song. Hakuna Matata is a great song with a positive message to cheer us all up during this difficult situation! Let’s clap together… I would also like you to try and […]