Y1 GD Readers visit the library

This week , Miss Smith took our super Green group children to the library to explore fiction and non-fiction books. We now understand where each type of book is found and what the difference is. We spoke about which type of books we enjoy reading and made some super choices!


Can you tell me which book you chose? Was this fiction or non-fiction? How do you know?


Do you prefer fiction or non-fiction books? Which books do you find interesting?

12 thoughts on “Y1 GD Readers visit the library

  1. I chose the book William Shakespeare.
    I know it is non fiction because it is about his real life.
    I prefer non fiction books because they are interesting.

  2. The book i’v chosen to read is called Ratatouille. Fiction books are made up stories, non fiction are real. Mine is a fiction book. It is about a rat called Remy who wants to swap garbage sniffing for cooking in Paris.🐭👨🏻‍🍳 🇫🇷🍲

  3. Bila l says: He likes non fiction books because I love reading stories.
    I chose the wooden Dragon because it was great and it’s non fiction because it’s a story.

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