School is back open on the Tues 4th June.

Hi Year 1,

On Wednesday 20th, we will be going swimming. Please can children bring a bag with their towel and swimwear. Children with long hair must bring a swimming hat and have their hair tied back. These can remain in school till Wednesday.
Additionally, please can you send in a plastic bag for the children to carry their workbooks.

Thank you for your support! We can’t wait for another fun-filled day!

13 responses to “Y1 Swimming WEDNESDAY- Updated”

  1. Liliana S.

    Has the swimming been rescheduled or cancelled?

    1. Head Teacher

      Hi- There is a problem with the chlorine and we want it to be safe so we cannot say.

      1. Liliana S.

        Thank you for the update.

  2. Aqsa S.

    Ok thank you for information
    I’m to excited to go swim.

  3. Huzaifah J.

    I am very excited to go swimming 🙂

  4. Elim F.

    thank you for information.

    1. Maryum N.

      Thank you I’m Really Glad that we are going Swimming but I wont be

      there with is Really fun maybe next time yay!!!

  5. Elim F.

    thank you for information

  6. Duaa A.

    Duaa will bring her swimming kit on Monday as she has her swimming lesson on Saturday. Thank you.

    1. Maryum N.

      Thanks for the information

  7. Jasmine P.

    Ok thank you

  8. Haseeb B.

    I’m excited for swimming for Wednesday

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