Y6 End of Year Play!

Children of Broad Heath are you ready to see the best leavers play of all time?
The Year Six children have been working very hard to create a performance which will leave you smiling!
Every child has brought out their creativity this half term to learn a range of songs, dances, art and performance skills.

Some of our cast- can you guess their roles?

Monday 11th July
1.30pm in the hall (Reception, Y1 & Y3 classes)

Wednesday 13th July 1.30pm (Hall)
(Parent and families of the Y6 children)
Enter via Hanford Close from 1.20-1.25
(please do not arrive after 1.25)

Thursday 14th July
1.30pm in the hall (Y2, Y4 & Y5 classes)

Who is ready for the best show of 2022?

130 thoughts on “Y6 End of Year Play!

  1. Thank you for everyone who had watched our performance, I enjoyed being king, I am actually very sad that this was our last performance of Broad Heath. I will always remember this, I wish I could go back in time, just so I could experience this again.
    This will be one of the most memorable things I will ever remember, I will always remember to watch the video.

    • It’s great to see that you took your role seriously and also that it will be a core member. You gave it 100% today – you should be proud.

  2. I am always proud of the children at Broad Heath, you make me smile and laugh each day. Today began in the same way…
    The moment that you started to sing and showcase your amazing talents, was when my eyes started becoming watery. I remembered when you were in Year 1 and took part in the Morning of Music. I felt proud on that occasion and today I was left speechless and rather teary eyed.
    Your were all OUTSTANDING!
    Thank you to the children and staff

    • I know the feeling Mrs Raja – Khan! I was bursting with pride. It is crazy to see the progress the children have made this year, let alone over their time at BH!
      Each and every child within Year 6 have gone above and beyond for this play, whether that be conquering fears and singing solos, learning last minute lines… Hopping on stage last minute to fill in for dancers… encouraging each other and running lines… I hope that you remember this year and this performance as fondly as I will.
      Year 6 you were unforgettable!

  3. I was smiling and laughing throughout! Y6, you really have done yourself proud with your excellent speaking, acting and singing. Well done to the amazing Y6 staff for their hard work, too. Where next? The West End or Broadway?

  4. A phenomenal performance from everyone involved. I loved it!
    Well done! I am so proud of you all. Also a super, huge, WOOSH to the teachers who managed to bring out these magic performances.

  5. The play was good and really funny πŸ˜… especially when a person went out and put a sign out about dunkin donuts.
    The Year 6’s play was good
    Well done Y6

  6. It was the best thing I heard!! I really enjoyed it!! I put a thumbs up to show i Good job you did so well!! I feel bad because they worked so hard!! Just to perform

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