Year 2 Autumn 2 Reading Challenge 2021


Illustration of a saucepan and a knife

Metals come from rocks called ores.

They are strong, hard and shiny materials that can be hammered into different shapes without breaking.

Their properties make them useful for objects such as cutlery, saucepans, cars and coins.


Illustration of an action figure

Plastics are materials made from chemicals and are not found in nature. They are strong and waterproof, and can be made into any shape by applying heat. Plastics can also be dyed different colours or made to be transparent.

Plastics are used to make all sorts of things, such as bags, bottles and toys.


Illustration of a window and a pair of spectacles

Glass is made by melting sand and other minerals together at very high temperatures.

Glass is normally transparent and can be made into many different shapes. Thick glass can be strong, but thin glass will break very easily.

Glass is used for objects that need to be transparent such as windows and spectacles.


Illustration of a wooden chair and a door

Wood comes from trees.

It is strong and long lasting.

Wood is used to make things such as furniture that need to be strong and last a long time.


Illustration of a scarf

Fabrics are made from thin fibres woven together.

Some fabrics, such as wool, cotton and silk, are natural (the fibres come from living things).

Some fabrics, such as polyester and nylons are made from synthetic fibres, which are made in factories, from chemicals.

Different fabrics have different properties. Fabrics can be stretchy (a pair of tights), insulating (keep you warm, like a woollen coat) or absorbent (a towel).

Fabrics are used to make clothes as they are flexible and comfortable, can be warm and do not wear out easily.


Write one fact about each material.


Would metal be a good material for a coat? Why?

Would wood be a suitable material for a window? Why?

Would fabric be a good material for a table? Why?


Use a dictionary to find the meaning of: transparent, waterproof, absorbent & flexible.


Think of some different objects of your own. What are they made of? Why is this a suitable material? Use evidence from the text.

62 thoughts on “Year 2 Autumn 2 Reading Challenge 2021

  1. Bronze:
    Metal is very hard and shiny.
    Plastic is made from chemicals .
    Thin glass is very fragile.
    Wood is strong and long lasting.
    Fabric like wool,cotton and silk are natural.

    Metal is not suitable for a coat because its heavy.
    Wood is not suitable for a window because it’s untransparent.
    Fabric is not suitable for a table because its rough and soft.

    Transparent means to see through.
    Waterproof means water cannot pass through.
    Absorbent means Absorb water.
    Flexible means able to bend.

    Eye glasses are made from glass because they are transparent.
    Table is made from wood because it’s hard.

  2. sliver:
    Metal would not be suitable for a cow because its harmful for the animal and would be hard for us to collect milk from it.
    Wood would not be a suitable material for windows because you are unable to see through it causing it to become not transparent, also would absorb water when a rainy day.
    Fabric as tables would definitely be unsuitable as if liquid is on the fabric it would absorb as much liquid as it can causing it to become a bigger mess.

  3. Metled come from rocks called ores. Plastic are used to make all sorts of things such as bags, bottles and toys. Glass breaks very easily when it drops. Wood is stored and long lasting. Fabric is soft and keeps you from illness.

  4. A plastic is a material that can change its shape, so many things can be made of plastic. There are many types of plastic. Some can be shaped only when they are freshly made; then they become hard.

    Wood It is the most extensively used plant product in the world. Wood is one of the longest standing building materials in existence

    Fabric, The two main purposes of clothing are warmth and protection, but people also use clothing to show who they are.

  5. Bronze
    Metal-they are shiny,strong hard brake anything .
    No because it will hurt you.
    No because it is not that strong.
    No because it can get wet if water spils on it.

  6. Metal is not a good material for a coat because it is heavy.
    Wood is not a suitable material for a window because you can’t see through it.
    Fabric is not a suiatable material for a table becausea it is soft.

  7. Bronze
    Metal is hard , it cannot break.
    Plastic is strong and waterproof.
    Glass is transparent and breaks easily.
    Wood comes from trees and is strong.
    Fabric is flexible and comfortable.

    Metal would not be a good material for a coat because it is heavy and not be very comfortable to wear. It is inflexible.

    Wood would not be a suitable material for a window because it would block out the light and we would not be able to see through it like glass.

    Fabric would not be a good material for a table because it would not be strong enough and is absorbent so would get messy quickly.

    Transparent means you can see through something.
    Waterproof means something that keeps out water (liquid).
    Absorbent means when something soaks up water (liquid).
    Flexible means something that can bend easily without breaking.

    fabric is made from chemicals and fiber.
    plastic is made from chemicals and not found in nature.
    Wood is hard made from trees they can be made for furniture.
    Glass is made from melted sand and are used for glasses and windows
    meatal won’t be suitable because it’s not comfortable and it’ll hurt
    .fabric won’t be suitable for a tabel because it’s not strong
    wood wouldn’t be suitable for a window because isn’t transparent

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