2 White Art Day 2022

Today the children spent the day creating individual and collaborative pieces of artwork. Our theme was ‘An Recycled Elephant Banana Orchard’. Making elephants from old milk bottle: Sketching elephants onto newspaper: Collaborative elephant:

Year 2 Minibeast Research

Use the text to help you answer the questions below. Questions: (There is one question for each section)1. What are the group of invertebrates with 8 legs called?2. Name 3 invertebrates that are molluscs and annelids.3. What shape is a beetles wing case?4. True bugs are called Hemiptera. What does Hemiptera mean?5. Bees and wasps […]

Year 1 parents meeting

On Wednesday 29th June at 2:30pm there will be a meeting for Year 1 parents to meet their new Year 2 teachers. This will give parents the chance to understand Year 2 expectations. Please arrive by 2:25pm for a prompt start. Many thanks, Mr Carter

2 White Tiger Documentaries

This week in Year 2, the children have been reading reports about tigers. To help them remember facts for when they write their own report, they made a documentary using iMovie. Please see some of their efforts! Can you write a report about tigers? If you can and I think it is the best you […]

2W History Days – David Attenborough

Over the past two days, 2W have been learning about Sir David Attenborough and some of the issues he is concerned about. Have a look at the video below to see the things they have done and learn some facts. Can you remember 3 facts about Sir David?How many pandas are left in the wild?

Year 2 Well-being Day

Today in Year 2 was Well-being Day. We had such a fun time. Take a look at the things we did! What was your favourite dance song? What was your favourite activity and why?What would you like to do for your next Well-being day?

2 White build their cars

This term, 2 White have been testing wheels and axles, learning parts of vehicles and designing a vehicle of their own. Today, they got to make their design. Please see below their efforts. Sorry if there aren’t many pictures, but myself and Mrs Nahar were running around like lunatics helping them with holes and cutting!

Year 2 SATs party

Sorry for the short notice, but the children have been asking if we will have a SATs party. We don’t usually but we have had an idea! So to celebrate the end of Year 2 SATs, we will be having a small party on Thursday afternoon. If you would like to send in some food, […]

2 White Visit to Coventry 2022

Today, to kick off our History unit about Coventry, we went for a walk into Coventry City centre. We visited the Herbert Art Gallery, where we saw exhibitions about Lady Godiva and Peace and Reconciliation as well as looking at artifacts back through time. We also went to the Transport Museum to learn about Coventry’s […]

Year 2 Visit to Coventry City Centre

This Thursday, the children will be walking into Coventry City centre. We will be visiting the Transport Museum and Herbert Art Gallery during our time in town.On the day, children will need to wear their school uniform as normal, but please check the weather forecast incase of rain as they may need a waterproof jacket.If […]

Health Week in 2 White

This week we have done lots of exciting things linked to physical and mental health. The children have also spend large parts of the week preparing, practising and performing their fantastic Easter assembly. Take a look at the video below to see the amazing things the children have done. Also, if you would like to […]

Year 2 – Easter Assembly

Sorry for it taking so long to get onto the website. Youtube would not upload until late in the night. Thank you to all the grown-ups that attended our Easter Assembly today. For those that couldn’t make it, here is the performance.

Year 2 Wellbeing Day

Year 2 have had so much fun today for their wellbeing day. They have built 3D shapes from 2D faces, made their own stop-motion animation, made paper flowers, coloured in for mindfulness, made a card to give to others and played board games. What a super day it was! What was your favourite activity and […]

Year 2 Trip Tomorrow – Information

Please arrive between 8:30am and 8:45am, at the latest, tomorrow. The coach will be leaving at 9am. Children are to wear their school uniform please. The weather looks great, so no need for a coat, as it stands. If you are bringing a packed lunch, please can it be sent in a disposable bag and […]

2 White Describe Katie Morag

In English today, the children described Katie Morag verbally in preparation for writing. Their focus was on expanded noun phrases. See the video below for a taste of the things they said. Can you write a description of Katie Morag?Remember not to start all your sentences with ‘she’ or ‘Katie Morag’.