Online Safety Guides for Parents/Carers

In these strange times, your children might be spending more time online. This is proven to have a negative effect on their social skills, their motivation, attention and makes them prone to mood swings. However, you also need to be aware of some of the issues they will face while using apps and online content. […]

4B LAST ZOOM CALL – for now

Hi 4 Blue. On Thursday at 1pm, it will be our final Zoom call before the summer holiday. It would be great if we could have everyone on the call to play a game and say our goodbyes before the break. Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 979 3467 6842Password: 0EteGZ Pupils will only be admitted […]

Y4 – Monday 13th July – Home Learning

TASK 1 – To research and make an information poster about Coventry City. Us the links below to research CCFC. Present your work in any way your want. Task 2 – To design a new badge for CCFC These are the badges that Coventry have used over its 137 year history. Can you design […]

Y4 – Friday 10th July – English – Home Learning

To end our persuasive text unit and Topic work on rainforests, we want you to make an animal from the rainforest. You will need to follow the instructions, this is the English skill of comprehension you will practise, that are provided then please send a picture in by email to We understand that you […]

Y4 – Wednesday 8th July – English – Home Learning

Now that you have written your own persuasive texts, we would like you to show your understand of some other persuasive texts. Bronze: A persuasive text is a non-fiction text. Play the game ‘The Jungle Books’ on Education City and identify what type of non-fiction texts the extracts are from. Use the search function to […]

Y4 – Tuesday 7th July – English – Home Learning

Today is a day to be imaginative, creative and to enjoy the art of communication. We want you to take the key messages from your persuasive text from yesterday, along with anything else you can think of, and create a video, a presentation, a poster, an animation, a podcast, a…. whatever you can think of. […]

Come in 4B: Wednesday 8th July

This Wednesday, the gates will be open to 4B children from 1pm until 3pm. This will be so you can collect your books and display work from the classroom and say good bye, face-to-face to myself and Miss Roberts. It will be amazing to see you all again. Please come to the 4B outside door […]

Meet the Year 2 Team for next year

Hello Year 1… soon to be Year 2. We thought it would be nice for you to get to know the team before September so we have made a little video. Yes we have 3 classes, but, in Year 2, we are definitely one big happy family. Also, we thought it might help you to […]

Y4 – Thursday 2nd July – English – Home Learning

Today’s lesson is all about learning key vocabulary of deforestation. TASK 1 In this first task, you must look through the words on the link below, to learn new vocabulary. Then get someone to test you on what they mean. TASK 2 Make a game of matching pairs. You will need 2 small pieces of […]

Y4 – Wednesday 1st July – English – Home Learning

Today’s task is to plan a persuasive text about deforestation using the research you did yesterday. Below is an example of the text you are aiming to write. Deforestation of the Amazon rainforest The Amazon rainforest is the largest rainforest in the world. However, at the rate it is currently being cut down, this will […]

Y4 – Tuesday 30th June – English – Home Learning

To day, you are going to research the effects of deforestation on the rainforest. You are going to use this information to plan a persuasive text tomorrow, so you MUST make sure you have gathered relevant facts. National Geographic Pachamama Bronze- Using the videos and websites, write down 5 facts of the effect of deforestation […]

4B – Zoom Meeting – THURSDAY

Hi Year 4. This weeks ZOOM meeting will be held on Thursday at 1pm. We will be playing a game of heads up, where you have to describe to me word I have on my head. Please make sure you join ready to play as I will need all the help I can get. Pupils […]

Y4 – Monday 29th June – English – Home Learning

Over the next few weeks, we will be reading, analysing and writing persuasive texts. Persuasive texts are constructed to make the reader do something. They are non-fiction texts.Persuasive texts can take a number of forms, for example an advert persuading you to buy some chocolate, a poster encouraging people to wash their hands or a […]

Y4 – Monday 22nd June – English – Home Learning

Today, you will plan a story with innovations (changes). Your story will be based on ‘The Great Kapok Tree’ so first refresh your memory of the story. REMEMBER: You have already done the setting description and character descriptions if you are up-to-date with the blogs. Which aspects of the story are you going to change. […]

4B ZOOM MEETING – Different time

Hi 4B. The Zoom meeting times will be changing as I am in school now until the end of term. This week, the meeting will be at 12:10 on Tuesday 23rd June. Strange time I know, but Miss Roberts and I have different lunch times, so it is the only time during the day we […]

Y4 – SBOTW – Week 2

Hi Year 4. It has been another busy and exciting week of home learning. It gives me great pleasure to announce the Star Bloggers of the Week. 4W – Adeena has impressed us with her continued dedication to her home learning. She challenges herself in all subjects and responds to her feedback with 100% effort- […]

Y4 – Friday 19th June – English – Home Learning

Today you are going to answer questions about subordinating conjunctions. To refresh your memory, watch the video and complete the 2 tasks on this BBC Bitesize link. Then complete the Learning by Questions task using the login details below.

Y4 – Thursday 18th June – English – Home Learning

Yesterday, you researched animals and then thought of some literary devices (similes, metaphors and personification) to describe them. Today, you are going to use your work to produce a character description of them. This character description, like your setting description, will be part of your own story with a dilemma that you will write next […]

Y4 – Wednesday 17th June – English – Home Learning

For today’s tasks, you will be planning a character description of some more rainforest animals. To do this, you will need to do some research and to think of ideas for metaphors, similes and personification of the animals. Let me demonstrate with the snake from yesterday. So firstly, let’s think of a metaphor. (A figure […]

4 Blue Zoom Meeting

Hi 4 Blue. This is a reminder that there will be another Zoom meeting this Tuesday at 10:15. This will give me a chance to deliver a few key messages, but also allow you some time to talk to your friends. So please, when you do attend, have something to say, not just to me […]