Year 2 – Samuel Pepys

Click on the link below to learn about Samuel Pepys, then answer the questions below. BBC Famous People 1.Name the 2 major events that Pepys wrote about.2.How many houses did the Great Fire of London destroy?3.What did Pepys save from the fire?

2 White – Traditional Tales day

What a super day we have had! I am so proud of all the efforts you made with your costumes and doubly as proud of the enthusiasm you put into your work today.Below are some pictures of today, including your freeze frames showing character emotions from Jack and the Beanstalk. What is your favourite Traditional […]

Y2 Traditional Tales Day 11.11.21

Next Thursday 11th November, we will be having a Traditional Tales (Fairy Tales) Day. We will be doing lots of exciting things, but we would like you to dress up as your favourite character please.Look at the pictures and ideas below. Try to use the things you have at home for you costume… but please […]

2 White – G7 Monday and Tuesday

This week, the class have been learning about the G7 and France’s role in it. We have also been learning things about the country France itself. Here are some of the things they have done about France so far! Which activity did you like best?Can you remember a fact about Henri Matisse?

2 White – Final Art Piece

This week in ‘Art around the World’ week, the children have been building up skills so that they could create a piece of art in the style of Gakonga(a Kenyan artist). They have learn shading skills to create different tones, use water colour paints to fade and blend colours and used oil pastels to give […]

2 White – Hygiene

Today in Science, the class learnt about being hygienic. They discussed ways to be hygienic as well as doing an experiment about how germs spread. Here are the Ladybirds and Spiders’ iMovie. They learnt how to make a slide each and then we put them together. Can you explain some ways to stay hygienic? Use […]

Dutch Day in 2 White

Today, to celebrate European Day of Languages, the children learnt about Holland (The Netherlands). We have learn a few words, made windmills (windmolens), tulips and Poffertjes. What words can you remember in Dutch?Can you write a fact about Holland?

Monday to Wednesday in 2 White

What a fantastic week it has been so far. It has been lovely getting to know you all. Below is a video of just some of the things you have done from Monday to Wednesday. What have you learnt about yourself this week?What have you learnt about a friend?What did you enjoy doing the most?

PE and Swimming in Year 2

Hello everyone. This year, PE will be on a Wednesday. Please can children come to school in their PE kit every Wednesday unless told otherwise. Also, swimming will be on a Friday afternoon, so we need kits in please. The best thing to do is bring them in on Monday so we know they are […]

The Ugly Duckling Story

Here is another version of the story ‘The Ugly Duckling’. Listen to the story and answer the questions below. What is the moral of the story?How did the ugly duckling’s feeling change from the beginning to the end?

Y2 Weston-super-Mare trip

Hi Pupils, parents and carers. On Thursday 23rd September, Year 2 will be visiting the seaside. The cost of the trip will be £10 (a letter will follow shortly). We will be leaving at 8am and returning around 5pm, traffic permitting. We will be giving more information nearer the time.

Important Request

Important – Year 2 lunchesThere was a slip in with your child’s school report regarding lunches for next year.Thank you to those who have returned them. If you have not returned yours yet, please can you do so before the end of the week.Thank you in advance the office Team

Thursday Maths 24.06.21

CATERPILLARS ONLYLearning Objective: To tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes For today’s lesson, you will need the paper plate clock you made on Friday. If you haven’t got it, please click here to access an interactive clock on the internet. Please don’t worry about the date. This is the same video the rest […]

Year 2 Maths Wednesday 23.06.21

CATERPILLARS ONLY: To tell the time to the nearest 15 minutes For today’s lesson, you will need the paper plate clock you made on Friday. If you haven’t got it, please click here to access an interactive clock on the internet. Match the clocks to the times below: Ladybirds, Spiders, Bees, ButterfliesMain Learning Objective: To […]