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Year 3 celebrate multi-cultural Britain

We created a year group piece of art in the form of dance to celebrate some of the cultures in our community.

What did you think of the dance?

27 responses to “Year 3 celebrate multi-cultural Britain”

  1. Irfa M.

    It It was really nice and fun dance everybody was great.

  2. Lawan R.

    It was really nice

  3. Muhammed K.

    I Like it it was very fun

  4. Irfa M.

    I was really nervous when we were dancing.

  5. Welat M.

    i think it was very fun.

  6. Yahya K.

    I enjoyed it.

  7. Zahra N.

    I loved dancing it was very fun and I liked dancing in front of all the Year groups.

  8. Yoshita P.

    The dance was so fun and I loved it.

  9. Safa S.

    I loved it it was so much fun

  10. Marwah K.

    It was a fun day to dance and vibe I enjoyed it😄

  11. Ahmed O.

    I like dancing

  12. Alzahra R.

    I really enjoyed the dance and I love it.

  13. Hussein H.

    I think dance was really good because it was so funny.

  14. Hudayfa A.

    I had so much fun and I loved it

  15. Muhammad D.

    I think the dance was really good and amazing.

  16. Minhaj A.

    I though the Asian dance was interesting because their was moves that you had to stomp. I think the African dance was good because they were clapping and some people were playing on the drum.
    I think our dance was fun and enjoyable because some moves was hard and some moves were easy.

  17. Amelia A.

    I think of dance is spice girls dance because when we did the dance I like when we did the kick. Alos I like the India dance like 3 bule did as well.

  18. Delilah R.

    I had lots of fun it was enjoyable I also loved the dances everyone did great dancing good job everyone!

  19. Amina J.

    I liked the dance and thought it was brilliant.

  20. Nma M.

    I really enjoyed the dance , and something really nice about the dance was that all of year 3 did thru dance all together and it was really fun .

  21. Muazzan M.

    I loved to dance

  22. Anish B.

    The dance was really fun 🤩

  23. Muhammad Y.

    I liked it

  24. Madeeha T.

    It was fun dancing

  25. Aiza B.

    It was really fun doing dancing. I enjoyed the dancing.

  26. Alima S.

    It as really fun.

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