Year 3 English Monday 25th January 2021

Good morning, today we begin to write our own myths. You must do this work in your book. Write the date and title. Upload it by clicking the link underneath the video. Comments for this blog are off as we want to see your work in your books. 2 paragraphs is the expectation. Upload work […]

Year 3 PSHE 25th January 2021

Last week you identified what a charity was. This week I would like your opinions. When we are able to we will be doing some fundraising to give to charity. I would like to get your opinions on which charity we should support in year 3. You will need to persuade us teachers to join […]

Year 3 SPaG 25th January 2021

Morning, today we are revisiting homophones (words that sound the same, but they are spelt differently). Watch the video to recap. Once you have recapped – complete the game and activity on education city and upload. Challenges – post in the comments. Challenge 1 – what is a homophone? Challenge 2 – write 3 […]

3 White Feedback Friday Zoom

Please read the information carefully: When you enter you will be put into the WAITING ROOM where you will NEED TO WAIT until I let you in. Some people need one to one feedback. Some people need group feedback. Please be patient and WAIT your turn. Meeting 9.30 on Friday 22nd January 2021. Password […]

Year 3 English Thursday 21st Jan 2021

UPDATE: Please remember you are planning YOUR OWN story. DO NOT COPY THE EXAMPLE. Today we are planning our stories. Here is an example plan: Use these headings to plan your story in the comments. Hero: Villan: Mythical Beast: Mythical Setting: Introduction: Build up: Problem: Resolution: Ending:

Year 3 English Wednesday 20th January 2021

Comments for this blog are off as I expect you to upload your work to share point or email it to me. Good examples of work will be shared later today! Hello Year 3, we are sequencing the story of Theseus and the Minotaur today. Please watch the cartoon of the story to refresh your […]

Year 3 Reading – Predictions

Hello Year 3, this week you will be making predictions. That is saying what you think will happen next using your inferences based on what you have read. You will need to log onto education city. Read the text. Complete the activity sheet. and upload your answers to the sharepoint.

Year 3 English Lesson Monday 18th January 2021

Good Morning, Today you are designing a setting for your mythical beast. Before you watch the main teaching video please join in with the active starter video. Remember comments are off for this blog as we are expecting to see your uploaded pictures. You can also email work to:

Year 3 Monday 18th SPaG

Good Morning year 3, today you will complete a 10 minute online SPaG test so you know how you are doing. Please click the link and complete the test. You must do the YEAR 3 test. When you have finished please post your score in the comments and tell me 1 thing you did […]

3 White Zoom 15.1.2021

Hi 3 White, here is the information for today’s meeting at 9.30: Topic: 3 White Zoom Friday 15th JanTime: Jan 15, 2021 09:30 AM London Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 981 2490 2468Passcode: the name of the character we hide in our classroom.

Year 3 English review from 14.1.2021

Hi Year 3, I noticed from looking at some of your work quite a few children were confused. The bronze task was as follows: Rewrite this text using nouns, adverbs, verbs and conjunctions to start your sentences. The twins were found by a shepherd who was out walking by the river. The shepherd took the […]

Year 3 English Thursday 14th January 2021

Hi year 3, today we are improving on starting sentences in a range of different ways. Please post your work in the comments below. Bronze Rewrite this text using nouns, adverbs, verbs and conjunctions to start your sentences. The twins were found by a shepherd who was out walking by the river. The shepherd took […]

Friday Zoom 3 White

Hello 3 White, hope you are all keeping safe and well. Our next Zoom meeting will be 9.30 on Friday 15th January 2021. The blog with the link will go live Friday morning. A few things to remember: I will only let you in if your name is displayed. This is for safety reasons. Your […]

Year 3 English – Well done

Hi Year 3, today you were asked to email or upload your work and I am seeing some wonderful examples of work that have been sent to me. I would like to share some of what I have seen with you all. If I have not posted yours this time do not worry your work […]

Year 3 English Tuesday 12th January 2021

Hello everyone! A really fun and creative lesson for you today. If you have coloured crayons and felt tips get them to hand as they will help you. If not you can use a pen/pencil and shading techniques – this is not a problem. Please upload your finished work to the share point. The […]

Year 3 Reading Session

Hello, here you will find a guided reading session where I take you through the text and some key questions. (Text from Storyboard that) Please watch the video and answer the questions on the blog. Why did King Acrisios lock his daughter up? How did King Acrisios feel after hearing what the oracle said? What […]

Year 3 English Monday 11th January 2021

Good morning Year 3, today we continue our English learning and I am looking forward to seeing your descriptions of the minotaur below. Please work along with the video and pause when asked. Subordinating conjunctions Vocabulary rancid devilish stale sharp pointy evil savage blood thirsty unnatural Please post your work below so you can magpie […]

Year 3 Monday 11th January 2021 SPaG

Today we are learning about inverted commas. Bronze – What are inverted commas? Silver – Turn the comic into written dialogue Gold – What are the rules for using inverted commas? UPLOAD YOUR WORK HERE

3 White Zoom Thankyou

Hi Everyone, really enjoyed our first zoom together was amazing to see so many of you. Thankyou to all who joined. A few points and reminders – for security reasons I will not admit anyone into the meeting if they are not displaying their name I know them by in the class. Make sure cameras […]

3 White Zoom meeting

Hi everyone, hope you are all staying safe. Tomorrow (Friday 8th January 2021) at 11.00am, we will have our first zoom session. Please log in tomorrow, you must show your face on camera and display your name correctly. Here is the link you will need to join me and Miss Roberts. There is a password […]