Blitz Letter Year 4

Please see the information for the Blitz night on Friday 17th January 2020. If you would like your child to attend please collect a letter from the class teachers. Dear Parents/Careers, This half term as part of our learning we are learning all about Coventry and the Blitz as well as exploring stories with historical […]

Year 4 Planning ahead – Blitz Night

Hi everyone, I am posting to inform you that in the Spring term year 4 will be hosting their Blitz night (Friday 17th Jan 2020) which is linked to our topic learning. Children will become evacuated children for the night. The will be dropped back at school and stay over night. They will complete a […]

4 Blue learn about the Philippines

This week in 4 Blue we have learnt all about the Philippines. We have explored the geography of the country as well as delving into the history. Children in 4 Blue worked in teams to put their knowledge together to present what they have learnt using pic collage.

4 Blue show great teamwork

This morning in 4 blue children impressed Miss Redhead and Miss Roberts by showing the best teamwork they have done all year. They worked together to make Christmas Lanterns inspired by those made in the Philippines. Children were focused and on task, showing good communication. Some children also looked after the learning environment by going […]

4 Blue visit Warwick Castle

We had an amazing day at Warwick Castle today, the rain didn’t bother us one bit. We experienced a workshop which ended our Anglo-Saxon unit nicely. We found out all about their battles with the Vikings when they came and invaded Britain. What can you tell me about this time? What was the battle where […]

Year 4 Science investigation

Today in year 4 we have been left with Santa Hands. Previously we looked at keeping ice cold for a long period of time. Today we are investigating how to melt ice quickly. Will the ice melt quicker with warm water, our breath, salt or material? We tested these different variables. What did we find […]

Year 4 Warwick Castle Trip Reminder

Dear Parents/Carers The Year 4 children will visit Warwick Castle for the day on Thursday 12th December. If your child currently has a school meal your child will be provided with a packed lunch on the day, so they will not need to bring anything with them. If your child currently has a packed lunch, […]

Year 4 Well being day 22nd November

It is well being day in year 4 Friday 22nd November 2019. All children need to come into school wearing PE kit including the blue Broad Heath T-Shirt. Please could children also have their swimming kit as one session is in the pool. We know this is hard but all they need is a clean […]

Current Affairs Skills Academy

This week in current affairs club we looked at the general election. We discussed and thought about what we would like to see in a government. Please see some of our ideas below. Feel free to comment and share your thoughts too.

Year 3 and 4 Cinema trip

On Friday 15th November year 3 and 4 children will be walking to the cinema to watch How to Train Your Dragon. This trip is completely free. Please ensure your child is ontime for school so we can leave prompt at 9am. Children may bring a small snack eg 1 normal size bag of crisps […]

Year 4 Rugby Challenges

To celebrate England getting to the World Cup Final we have been exploring the values and learning about the game. We did some problem solving. Can you solve and answer the following: Try = 5 Points Conversion Kick = 2 Points  – but remember you only get to take conversion kick after a Try! Penalty […]

Book week 4 Blue

This week in 4 Blue we have looked at 2 books by Mark Lowery. We have summarised the story, wrote predictions for the sequel. We hot seated the characters and weave advertised buying the Jam doughnut that ruined my life. We recommend this book strongly.

Year 4 Mexican Day

We have had an amazing time in year 4. We have experienced Mexican culture and shown the value respect. We have learnt Mexican dances, made Mexican food and constructed sombreros where we were able to show creativity and resilience – especially when we cut onions. We carried out a range of research about the history […]

Year 4 Dia de Muertos

Today in year 4 we have found out about Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead Festival). Can you share what you have found out about this day? Why is it important? How is it celebrated? When does the festival take place? Any other interesting facts.

4 Blue friend of the week – Democracy

This half term in 4 Blue we have been learning all about Democracy. We have looked at all the ways we can take part in a democracy and we decided we would vote for our friend of the week. We cast our votes in secret and they were counted. Why were the votes cast in […]

Year 4 Mexican Day

Hi everyone, this half term in topic we have been learning all about the geography of Mexico. On Friday 18th October 2019 we will be having our Mexican day where we will be experiencing Mexican culture. On this day we require the children to dress up to help us to celebrate. One element of the […]

Year 4 maths homework.

This week in maths we have been learning the formal written method for addition. Can you create an information poster which explains how to solve the calculation 3251 + 2899 ? Remember to use all the different words for add. Challenge – can you put the calculation into the context of a word problem? Remember […]

Year 4 water aerobics

Year 4 children have took part in a water aerobics session today working as many muscles as we could. We showed resilience and tenacity. What did you enjoy about the session? What did you find difficult? How did you use these values?

Year 3 Fitness and well being day Frida

Hi everyone, Friday 11th October is fitness and wellbeing day in Year 3. We have a range of fun activities planned to support fitness and wellbeing. Children will need to come to school in their PE kit with their BH PE top. On top of this children will also need their swimming kit. Thank you […]

Year 4 Harvest assembly

Hi everyone, Just a polite reminder Year 4 harvest assembly is on Thursday 26th September. We would like to invite parents to attend at 2pm. We will let you in to the hall at 2pm to take your seats. The assembly will start shortly after. Please come in through the main office. Thanks Miss Redhead

4 Blue Mayan numbers

So far in 4 Blue we have learnt about place value. We know our numbers come from a base 10 system. We have applied this to Roman numerals this week, however today we have challenged ourselves to explore the Mayan number system which is a base 20 system. We learnt some numbers and applied this […]