3 White Italian day

We had a wonderful day learning about Italy in 3 White. We explored earthquakes as Italy is located on fault lines. We also explored an Italian artist. I challenge 3 White to tell me what they know about earthquakes and an extra challenge is to tell me what you learnt about the volcanic eruption at […]

Year 3 Homework Week 3

Hello year 3, we have made a slight change to the homework on the overview. Please complete the reading and maths challenge on the blog. You need to go to the home page and click challenges. Here is where you will find them. This needs to be done by Wednesday and you must do both […]

Year 3 Homework Week 2

Hi year 3, here is your homework for this week. Please can I take this opportunity to remind you that you MUST complete TWO pieces by WEDNESDAY. Along with this you MUST LEARN your SPELLINGS. You MUST READ at HOME. Maths – complete the TTRS challenge. SPAG – Dis is a prefix. It is a […]

3 White G7

This week in 3 White we have learnt about the G7, with a special focus on Canada. We have learnt so much about the G7 and about Canada. We held our mini G7 meeting where we discussed some key issues. What new things did you discover this week? What has been your favourite part?

Year 3 Temple Visit

Hello, as part of our learning for project week we will be taking a short walk to the temple on Stoney Stanton Road on Monday 18th October 2021. We will be exploring some of the art work the temple has to inspire our own creations in the classroom. We will also be finding out a […]

Year 3 Homework Week 5

Please respond to describing the crime scene below. TTRs is on TTRS and if you create the weapon you can take a photo and email it to us at y3upload@broadheath.coventry.sch.uk – please include your name and class in the email. Crime Scene Picture:

Year 3 Homework Week 4

This week your homework is to complete the maths and reading challenges. Click on the links to the blog page. The comments for this blog are turned off because you are supposed to comment on the reading challenge and the maths challenge – not this post!

3 White face Stone Age Problems

This afternoon 3 white became cave children to experience Stone Age problems. They explored how they made their tools. They explored how they made their flour. They also began to weave to see how they would make their clothes. How easy or difficult do you think life was in the Stone Age? What Broad Heath […]

Year 3 Homework Week 3

This week you must complete the activity on TTRS. You can log into Education City and complete the activity set. Or you can describe Stig in the picture below and post your comment on the blog. Remember you must do 2 out of 3 pieces by Wednesday.

Year 3 Homework Week 2

Hiya, please see your homework. Remember this needs to be completed by Wednesday 29th September 2021. You need to choose 2 pieces to complete. For TTRS Miss Redhead has set you all the challenge of starting to practise your 3 x table. For science you can do the rock quiz here: https://www.educationquizzes.com/ks2/science/rocks/ For English Read […]

Year 3 Homework

This is your homework for this week. It needs to be completed by Wednesday. Record yourself singing your maths song and upload here: https://broadheathcoventrysch-my.sharepoint.com/:f:/g/personal/jade_redhead_broadheath_coventry_sch_uk/Eg5yPt_j9MBCvvQ2HzUn1g8BiD8mVn8C2d1Ma5mdJAHWoQ Post your Stone Age facts below. English please see this blog post: https://www.broadheath.coventry.sch.uk/year-3-jumanji/

Year 3 Jumanji

Today, you’re job is to look at these statements. Decide if they are true or false and use evidence to back up why you think this. I’ve added the story here, but don’t re-read the whole story, use the illustrations (pictures) to find the right section then just read the relevant page. Here are your […]

Year 3 PE and Swimming information

Hello, Just a message to let you know year 3 will have swimming on a Monday afternoon. Please ensure correct kit is in. Girls need to have their own swimming caps. Also please can all ear rings be removed for safety. The children will have PE on a Tuesday. They will need to wear their […]

3 White Goodbye Zoom

Unfortunately we are not all together for a day of fun. Please join us tomorrow for our final fun zoom. We will meet at 11.30 Password: same as always no capital letters. Topic: 3 White Goodbye ZoomTime: Jul 21, 2021 11:30 AM London Join Zoom Meetinghttps://zoom.us/j/97054029047

3 White Book Collection

Good Afternoon, As mentioned on zoom this morning there will be a time slot for you to come in and collect your books. You may come in and collect your books from the office and Hanford Close. All isolating children MUST STAY AT HOME. Books will be available to collect between 9.30 and 11 on […]

3 White Zoom Tuesday 20th July 2021

Hi 3 White, we will have a zoom session at 9.30 on Tuesday. I know some of you are celebrating Eid, but if you can join for a short period of time that would be great. Topic: RegistrationTime: Jul 19, 2021 09:30 AM London Join Zoom Meetinghttps://zoom.us/j/93810266272 Meeting ID: 980 7812 9727 Password is the […]

Year 3 Week 5 Homework

Hi Year 3, here is your final homework challenge of the year. Please complete 2 of the following: Upload your poster to the upload link: https://broadheathcoventrysch-my.sharepoint.com/:f:/g/personal/jade_redhead_broadheath_coventry_sch_uk/Eqq7jZipLcZFqGGFO-4iPFgB2q9LAH0lwU_nLdvADShQlw