4 Blue Mayan numbers

So far in 4 Blue we have learnt about place value. We know our numbers come from a base 10 system. We have applied this to Roman numerals this week, however today we have challenged ourselves to explore the Mayan number system which is a base 20 system. We learnt some numbers and applied this […]

Year 4 Harvest Donations

Hi everybody, Year 4 need your help! It is the time of the year when we celebrate Harvest time with the Harvest assembly. Each year we ask the kind and caring community of Broad Heath for food donations for the Coventry Food Bank. These donations include: Tinned food Rice Pasta Jars Buscuits UHT milk not […]

Year 4 Reading Challenge

Extract from Harry Potter October arrived, spreading a damp chill over the grounds and into the castle. Madam Pomfrey, the nurse, was kept busy by a sudden spate of colds among the staff and students. Her Pepperup potion worked instantly, though it left the drinker smoking at the ears for several hours afterward. Ginny Weasley, […]

Year 4 Maths Challenge

So far this year we have been looking at addition and subtraction skills. I want to see how good you are at applying these skills to problem solving.ear 4 – Maths challenge! BRONZE CHALLENGE 1) How much would it cost to buy both the Nimbus 1500 and the Nimbus 2000?2) What is the price difference […]

Year 4 art gallery and city centre visit

Hello everyone, We have had an exciting few days back and are enjoying art week. We have been looking at the theme of respect through art. We will be continuing with this on Friday 6th September with a walk to the Herbert Art Gallery and a look at the art work in the city centre. […]

Year 4 put on their own festival

This week we learnt about the city of culture and the events our city hosts. We found out about the Godiva festival at the War Memorial Park and we decided to host our own BH festival. We created art work, auditioned talent and best of all we got to perform or form part of the […]

4 Blue show talent

We have been learning about the city of culture this week in year 4 Blue. We have found out that each year at the War Memorial Park Coventry has the Godiva festival. We have planned out own BH festival. We have shown our talents and as part of a democracy voted for the acts to […]

A fun day meeting the new 4 Blue

Hiya, Miss Roberts and I have had a lovely day meeting you all and are looking forward to September. We have had a productive day learning about each other and playing some fun games. We have written our spells to success ready to make magic next year. Looking forward to seeing you all in September. […]

Hello 3 White

Hi 3 White, Looking forward to meeting you on transition day, it has been lovely that so many of you have said hi already. See you tomorrow Miss Redhead and Miss Roberts

4 Blue – Reading Rewards

Well done to all the children who read 5 times at home this week. Children who completed their reading 5 times were rewarded with posh hot chocolate and buscuits this week. Keep reading and let’s see what the reward will be next week.

4 Blue’s Drama

This morning in 4 Blue we looked at some images from a story we will be studying. Miss Redhead did not tell the children the title or anything about the story. Children used their inference skills to suggest a title as well as sequencing the story using still images. Children could only talk when Miss […]

Year 4 Bosworth trip reminder.

Here is a reminder of the original letter that was sent out: Dear Parents/Carers The Year 4 children will visit Bosworth Battle Field for the day on Thursday 16th May. Some of the trip cost has been subsidised by the school and therefore the cost of the trip will be only £5.00 per pupil. Please […]

Year 4 Well Being

This week we have been looking at well being. Can you share some activities you do that improve your emotional wellbeing? How do these activities make you feel? Remember by sharing ideas you can help to support you team mates!

Year 4 Maths – Harry Potter Timetable

Today in maths we are looking at interpreting time tables. Can you work together to tell me about this timetable and answer some key questions. 1) How long does it take to get from Herbology to Stone Circle? 2) How long does it take to get from Hagrid’s Hut to Stone Bridge? 3) How long […]