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  1. Week 5 spelling sentence:
    They’re trying to chase us.
    Its their food.
    Right over there.
    Over here.
    I hear my classmates talking about football.
    Although I love football, I really want to play hockey.
    Peer pressure is bad!
    I found the right materials!
    I need to take my photograph!
    I found a wooden chair!

  2. Spag
    They’re eating sweets?
    Their cat is so cute.
    They where over here?
    I hear something?
    Although I don’t have a pencil I will ask for one?
    I put too much pressure on my homework.
    I use lots of materials for my picture frame.
    I took a photograph of big Ben.
    I don’t have any wooden spoons

  3. Spag
    They’re eating sweets?
    Their cat is so cute.
    They where over here?
    I hear something?
    Although I don’t have a pencil I will ask for one?
    I put too much pressure on my homework.
    I use lots of materials for my picture frame.
    I took a photograph of big Ben.
    I don’t have any wooden spoons.

  4. 1. Mr eggs went to the shops.
    2. Mrs Holland was eating lunch.
    3.I am 8 years old.
    4. The woman is very pretty.
    5. The man was poor.
    6. The little girl is naughty.
    7. Perhaps I will do art.
    8. The boy was useing force?

  5. Week 5
    The time is 2 hours for lunch
    The man hold a hat to the party
    Every time I have to go work
    You ‘ll have do your homework on time
    I’ll have to go home
    Although I think we have made it in our lives
    Pressure to keep me pet at home
    Materials are not good at the time

  6. I have finished my homework in 1hour.
    When I hold the flowerpot it felt on the floor.
    every day it a now day.
    You’ll will have to stay at home.
    I’ll have to get my hair done again.
    Although it was raining and I just went outside.
    The boy was putting pressure on the toy.
    The toy was made of materials.
    I liked photograph.
    I have a wooden table.

  7. Week 5
    they’re are so lovely and cute.
    Their is my car which is silver .
    It is there by the bin where that person is standing.
    Here is my favourite place to get pizza.🍕
    I can hear somethings.
    Although I wasn’t here l moved .
    I pushed pressure .
    I use materials .
    I took a massive photograph.
    I saw something wooden in the corner.

  8. 1. They’r they are.
    2. That’s their ball
    3. It’s over there.
    4. Here we are .
    5. I can hear them.
    6. Although it is sunny I can go out and play.
    7. I put pressure to pup up my ball.
    8. I used materials to make my photo frame.
    9. I put a photograph in my photo frame.
    10. The table is wooden.

  9. SPAG:
    1. They’re waiting for the bus to come.
    2. Before going to school, they need to brush their teeth.
    3. Over there, was the playground.
    4. “Hurry up and wear your shoes!” Shouted Emma.
    5. “Where is the nearest McDonald’s?” Asked Judie.
    6. Although she was sick, she still went to school.
    7. He has lots of pressure because of work.
    8. “Today we are learning about different materials!” Said the teacher happily.
    9. The lady took a photograph at the wedding.
    10. “Where is my wooden spoon?” Asked mum.

  10. English
    They’re very slow like a snail.
    Parents are keen to their children.
    We went to Paris and stayed there for 3 days.
    Wear these because your swimming suit is going to be wet when you get out.
    Where is my school uniform?
    Although the sun was shining it wasn’t warm.
    The gate was buckling under the pressure of the crowd.
    The materials were very hard.
    I liked this photograph with my family.
    I was sitting on a wooden chair.

  11. 1.i play on my phone for an hour
    2. Please hold my phone
    3. every day I eat my Dinner
    4. you’ll have a great day
    5. I’ll try to make a pizza
    6. Although it was really hard I was going back to the to

  12. Spag
    They’re both in the box check.
    Their is my book I’ve been looking for it.
    There is the thief come on let’s catch those bad guys.
    I need to wear my clothes let me put it on.
    Where is my last homework.
    I did some of my chores although I went outside first.
    Don’t put pressure on the pencil it might break.
    I need materials to create a piece of art.
    I took a photograph of my family.
    I used a wooden toy kitchen to make pretend food.

  13. Keyan

    Hour – I play football for one hour.
    Hold – I need to hold tight when I’m on the swing.
    Every – Every day is a new day.
    You’ll – You’ll enjoy playing outside.
    I’ll – I’ll make pasta today.
    Altough – I had a great day today although it was a lot different than usual.
    Pressure – I checked my blood pressure today.
    Materials – There are different types of materials.
    Photograph – I have lots of photographs of when I was a baby.
    Wooden – I used a wooden spoon to stir with.

  14. Maths

    I have done TTRS


    They’re playing at the park, Should I join them?

    This is their ball.

    There is a ball for everybody.

    I wear my shoes whenever I go out.

    Although I am small but I can run fast.

    I put a lot of pressure on my legs when I want to run fast.

    Where are the sweets?

    I like photographs of my childhood.

    I have a wooden house for my rabbit.

  15. They’re going to the shops.
    Their is a dolphin .
    There is my dad.
    I hear a dog barking .
    Although I have a sweet I shared it with my friend .
    My pressure is on me .
    I made a strong car with a different material.
    I made a beautiful photograph .
    I have a wooden spoon.

  16. SPAG
    1. 3 hours ago I was riding on my bike.
    2. I can’t hold my pants up.
    3. Every time I ride on my bike and fall.
    4. You’ll keep taking my iPad.
    5. I’ll have to go shop today.
    6. Although I go shopping I don’t go a lot.
    7. He put pressure on me.
    8. The material exploded
    9. The photograph was looking very nice.
    10. There was a wooden chair was next to the table.

    I have been playing TTRS on Saturday

  17. They’re going to the park
    Their so jealous
    There it is
    Here is your present
    I can hear a sheep
    Although you cleaned your room your still not going to have a chocolate
    Dont do to much pressure
    Take a photograph of the cute panda
    Please do not give us a wooden chair

  18. Maths
    I played TTRS.
    “They’re are going to eat.”
    “Their homework has been finished.”
    “There inside a school.”
    “Here is my book I left when I was at School.”
    “My freind says that he can hear a beetle flying.”
    “Although the sun was shining but wasn’t that warm.”
    “My brother put lots of pressure on his homework.”
    “My mom gave me a T-shirt which is made out of black cotton materials.”
    “I took a photograph at school.”
    “My Mom uses wooden spoon to cooking.”

  19. Spag
    They’re eating my pizza when I said not to.
    Their always fighting with each other.
    There is a crocodile in my bedroom.
    I am going to wear a red skirt and a white,fury coat to school today.
    Where is the ball I can’t find it anywhere.
    Although I look really cold I’m really hot.
    I put lots of pressure while learning my spellings.
    The materials from the shops were really not my style.
    I need a photographer for my passport.
    I have a wooden chair and wooden table.

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