Year 3 Homework Week 3

Hello year 3,

we have made a slight change to the homework on the overview.

Please complete the reading and maths challenge on the blog.

You need to go to the home page and click challenges. Here is where you will find them.

This needs to be done by Wednesday and you must do both of them.

30 thoughts on “Year 3 Homework Week 3

  1. Reading challenge :bronze Cacti lives in the desert using the rain water. Silver: Because of rain cacti can survive. If cacti didn’t have prices on it people could touch it fine .Because of rain cacti can survive.

  2. Bronze:
    1) 17 because it’s not in the 3 times table
    2) 10 because it’s not in the 12 times table
    1) 150 +700= 850
    2) 700- 150 = 550
    3)206 + 206 =412

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