Year 3 have had a great Summer 1. The children have shown brilliance and tenacity. They have used their subject knowledge in all areas of their learning and incorporated it into English, Geography and well-being days. The children have wrote some amazing non-chronological reports in English, about Ancient Egypt and learnt about time in Maths. We are looking forward to having another super term in Summer 2. We hope you have a wonderful break and remember to stay safe.

We would like you to leave a comment explaining how you have progress throughout the half term.

6 responses to “Year 3 Portfolios – Summer 1 2022”

  1. Afsa P.

    And all of the days were extremely 🤩

  2. Afsa P.

    In this half term I have learned how to do a freeze frame and Learn how to make a shadow

  3. Afsa P.

    I jade made
    Progress bye learning how to write numbers in Egypt language

  4. Madeeha T.

    It was very 🤩 fun and i can not wait until summer 2.

  5. Mopelola L.

    This half term was fo much fun! Cant wait for Summer 2!!!

    1. Mopelola L.

      I made progress by learning how to make a freeze frame and learning about shadows.

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