3 Blue: Citizenship week

3 Blue have had a fun and exciting week. We have been learning all about citizenship and how to be a good role model. We have also have been learning about diversity and its meaning. We enjoyed our walk around the local community to look at all the different cultures and religions and learnt a […]

Summer 2 -year 3 Portfolio

Well year 3, you have completed your final term in year 3. We have had an amazing year with you all. You have all worked incredibly hard making some super progress in all areas of your learning. You’ve shown brilliance, tenacity and resilience, especially when it came to TTRS and competing against each others and […]

Year 3 Blues -Art Day

Today in year 3 we have been learning all about the The Queens Green Canopy. We have been learning all about the environment we can created some lovely pieces of recycled art, inspired by the Artist Van Gogh.

Year 3 portfolio-Summer 1

Year 3 have had a great Summer 1. The children have shown brilliance and tenacity. They have used their subject knowledge in all areas of their learning and incorporated it into English, Geography and well-being days. The children have wrote some amazing non-chronological reports in English, about Ancient Egypt and learnt about time in Maths. […]

3 Blue-Egyptian Day

Today is Egyptian day . This half term in History we have been learning all about Ancient Egypt. Today has been fun. We got to dress up, located where Egypt is on the world map and also did some research on Tutankhamun. Take a look at what other fun things we got up to today. […]

3 Blue: Super Spellers

Congratulations to all of our super spellers this week!!! 👏🏽The children are working incredibly hard, to learn their weekly spellings. It is very important to learn to spell the words but you must learn to read them and understand the word meaning.Should you be unsure of what the word means, use a dictionary or an […]

Welcome back year 3

Hi Year 3, we hope you’ve had a lovey long break and for all of you that celebrated Eid, we hope you’ve all enjoyed celebrating with your families. We have collated a little video for you to make you smile.

Year 3-Summer 1: Spellings

Hello Year 3, here are your Summer 1 spellings for you to practice. Your spelling test will still continue on a Friday. Please make sure thst you continue to practise your spellings on a daily basis. We would like these scores to be better than this half term.

Well being day-3 Blue

Today has been our well being day. we have been creative and made Mothers day cards, flowers for our pots, played board games with our friends and had the opportunity to go outside and have some fun playing Active Maths and dance with our rain makers. Watch the video and tell us what you have […]

Computing Week in 3 Blue

This week the children have been learning about online safety and understanding how we can keep safe on line. The children have also worked on how to make stop animation movies. We created some great animations. Look at some our our work below! What new skills have you learnt this week? What did you find […]

Year 3 – Roman Day

Year 3 have had really enjoyed Roman day. They have been learning all about Julius Caeser and his army. They have wrote a detailed Biography and in the afternoon the children have been making shields and role-played the down fall of Caeser.

3 Blues Super Spellers

Congratulations to all of our super spellers this week! 🎉 We have lots of children get 10/10 in their weekly spellings. Not only that we have has 5 children who got 9/10, they were so very close. To those children , who got 9/10 we would love to see you achieve 10/10 next week. Come […]

Super Star Sabiha ⭐️

We have has a little super star this week who has worked really hard in her after school activity – Kickboxing. Sabiha was awarded a medal for good listening, being focused and lots determination. We are all so very proud of you. Keep working hard on your kickboxing and we look forward to seeing more […]

Year 3: Spellings-2022- Spring 1

Hello year 3 here are your new spellings for Spring 1. We have put them up early so you can practise your spelling over the Christmas holidays. Remember if your unsure of a word you must remember to use a dictionary and look up the word meaning. Spelling practise will be on the first Friday […]

Year 3 Blue-Geography

Today in Geography the children have been learning to identify Human and physical features in two different countries, The South West of England and Sicily in Italy. The did their research on the iPad’s and made an iMovie to showcase their findings. Now that you have done your research on The South West of England […]

3 Blue- Italy day

Today the children have been learning all about Italy🇮🇹. The children have written a news report on the city of Pompeii and the devastation that volcanoes cause, we made pizzas and created some watercolour art.

3Blue – Super spellers

Congratulations to our super spellers this week who have achieved 10/10 in their spelling. Myself and Mrs Khaliq are so happy that your spelling scores are gradually going up, week by week. Keep up this hards work 3 Blue. We are very proud of you.

3:Blue- Canada and the G7

This week the children have been learning all about Canada and the G7. We have located Canada on the map and its Capital city. The children have also been comparing geographic features of Canada and the UK exploring the theme of climate change and understanding Canada’s view and action plan to help the environment. They […]

Year 3- Autumn 2 spellings

Hello year 3 👋🏼 Here are your new weekly spellings for Autumn 2. These weekly spelling are really important for you to learn on a daily basis. Remember you spelling test will still be on a Friday morning. If you practiced for 5 to 10 minutes every day your spelling score will really improve. Come […]

3 Blue – week:6 – Super spellers

Congratulations to our amazing super spellers! 👏🏽😀 We are all so very proud of your achievements. Some of the spelling have been really tricky this half term. Please remember to keep practising you spelling for next half term. Myself and Mrs Khaliq would love to see more of you achieving 10/10 next half term.

3 Blue – Super Spellers

We are very proud of our super spellers this week. Some of the words have been really tricky to spell. Please can you congratulate your class friends on achieving 10/10 in their spelling. There are lots of children that are so close to getting 10/10 and we would love to see more of your faces […]

3 Blue- week 4: Super spellers.

This week we have had a so super spellers in 3 Blue. The children have worked so hard to learn some tricky words. We are so very proud of you all but we would very much like to see more children in 3 Blue getting 10/10 next week. Can you use a dictionary and look […]

Year 3 -Spellings Autumn 1

Hello year 3, here are your termly spelling for Autumn 1. You MUST practise your spellings every day. This will help you with your writing. Spelling test will take place every Friday. Your first spelling test will be this coming Friday so please make sure you get your grown up’s to help you practise.