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Year 3 Science- How are shadows formed?

Hello Year 3! Today we have been investigating how shadows are formed and why. Answer the questions below showcasing your knowledge. Use scientific vocabulary to help you answer.

  1. What is a shadow?
  2. How are shadows formed?
  3. How do you change the size of a shadow?

65 responses to “Year 3 Science- How are shadows formed?”

  1. Meena B.

    A shadow I something you can see in the dark and is shiny.
    Shadows are formed by light from an opaque item.
    Shadows can get bigger for example you put you hand near a light in the dark and then if you put your hand fat away that how it can get smaller.

  2. Sabiha K.

    Yes it dose get bigger and smaller.

  3. Alima S.

    A light.
    A opaque object is something that is not touchable but show your reflection.

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