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Year 4 Evaluate their Breakfast Bars

Now that you have made and tasted your breakfast bars, it is time to evaluate them.

Answer the questions below in full sentences:

How was your breakfast bar?

How did you feel after eating it?

Did it taste as you hoped it would?

Would you change anything about it? Why?

96 responses to “Year 4 Evaluate their Breakfast Bars”

  1. Simra S.

    I liked to eat brake fast my was so sweet

  2. Manha S.

    The breakfast bar was good.
    After eating the bar I felt healthy
    It tasted like I imagined
    If I made it again I will add some strawberrys in stead if oats

  3. Mahdi R.

    My Breakfast Bar was gooey, nutritious and slimey.
    I felt unconscious because I don’t want to waste or eat it.
    It did taste as yummy… but it wasn’t crunchy.
    I would change in to crunchy, soft and unutritious.

    1. Miss Woodman

      What healthy ingredient would you add?

  4. Aisha A.

    I liked the breakfast bar.
    I felt happy after eating the breakfast.
    It didn’t taste as I thought it would.
    I would add more sugar on it beacuse it didn’t have enough.

    1. Miss Woodman

      Did you think the breakfast bar was nutritious?

  5. Anish B.

    1. It was so good so yummy
    2. I was feeling happy
    3. Yes
    4. No because it was to yummy

    1. Miss Woodman

      Respond in full sentences please.
      What did you like best about the breakfast bar?

  6. Muhammad I.

    My breakfast bar was very nice
    I felt very energised
    It tasted as a hope it would
    No because it was a bit sweet , squashy and a bit soft

    1. Miss Woodman

      Make sure your last answer is a full sentence.
      Is there anything else that could make your breakfast bar better?

  7. Yunus H.

    I loved it was great the cheerios, corn flake And syrup was like breakfast and make It was good

    1. Miss Woodman

      Would you change anything about it and why?

  8. Mohammed D.

    It was very watery but I felt normal I thought it was going to be a bit sweet no I would not take anything out because I liked everything on it

    1. Miss Woodman

      Make sure your sentences have the correct punctuation.
      What was your favourite part?

  9. Bethany P.

    The breakfast bar was delicious!
    I felt full after eating it.
    It did not taste the way I expected it to.
    I wouldn’t change anything about it because it was too delicious and yummy to change anything about it!

    1. Miss Woodman

      Do you think it was a nutritious option for a snack?

  10. Sara K.

    My bar was delicious.
    I felt so good.
    It tasted like I hoped it would.
    I would change the flavour because it tasted a bit bad.

    1. Miss Woodman

      What would you add or take away to change the flavour?

  11. Vaneza S.

    Unpleasant and the terrible.
    I felt normal.
    No because I thought would be more sweet.
    Yes and I would take out the churros.

    1. Miss Woodman

      Make sure you write your answers in full sentences.
      What else could you add to make it taste better?

  12. Nicolas-Andrei M.

    It diden’t tests good
    It felt weird
    No I thought it would test better
    I would like to put some more syrup

    1. Miss Woodman

      Make sure all your answers are in full sentences.
      Why would you have to be careful about adding too much syrup?

  13. Adam D.

    It was amazing.
    I felt happy after I ate it.
    It did taste as I hoped
    Yes make it bigger because it wouldn’t be enough for 1 football player

    1. Miss Woodman

      Are there any other ingredients you would add?

  14. Muhammad Y.

    I felt kind of sick but liked it.
    Yes it did taste as I hoped.
    Yes I would add a wafer and fruits like banana and plumb with rice crispies.

    1. Miss Woodman

      What would be the benefit of adding fruit?

  15. Muhammed G.

    I thought it would taste a bit sweeter so no it didn’t taste as I would’ve liked it too
    I would put nuts in it to give it more texture

    1. Miss Woodman

      How did you feel after tasting the breakfast bar?

  16. Harrison S.

    My breakfast bar tasted good.
    I felt happy after I ate my breakfast bar.
    Yes my breakfast tasted as I hoped it would.
    Yes, I would change the seeds to grapes because they are healthy.

  17. Ramandeep K.

    I didnt like the breakfast bar.
    I felt more energetic.
    I thought it would taste better. It was soggy.
    I would change the oats to rice crispies because i think it would’ve tasted better.

  18. Rustam M.

    I loved the breakfast bar
    Is tast good
    I whnt to change the gardens

    1. Miss Woodman

      I don’t understand your last sentence.
      What would you change about your breakfast bar?

  19. Madeeha T.

    I loved the breakfast bar
    I felt more energetic and strong
    Yes it did taste
    I would add some more syrup because it does no taste sweet

    1. Miss Woodman

      Do you think the breakfast bar was nutritious?

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