Year 4 Evaluate their Breakfast Bars

Now that you have made and tasted your breakfast bars, it is time to evaluate them.

Answer the questions below in full sentences:

How was your breakfast bar?

How did you feel after eating it?

Did it taste as you hoped it would?

Would you change anything about it? Why?


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  1. The breakfast bar was good.
    After eating the bar I felt healthy
    It tasted like I imagined
    If I made it again I will add some strawberrys in stead if oats

  2. My Breakfast Bar was gooey, nutritious and slimey.
    I felt unconscious because I don’t want to waste or eat it.
    It did taste as yummy… but it wasn’t crunchy.
    I would change in to crunchy, soft and unutritious.

  3. I liked the breakfast bar.
    I felt happy after eating the breakfast.
    It didn’t taste as I thought it would.
    I would add more sugar on it beacuse it didn’t have enough.

  4. It was very watery but I felt normal I thought it was going to be a bit sweet no I would not take anything out because I liked everything on it

  5. The breakfast bar was delicious!
    I felt full after eating it.
    It did not taste the way I expected it to.
    I wouldn’t change anything about it because it was too delicious and yummy to change anything about it!

  6. It was amazing.
    I felt happy after I ate it.
    It did taste as I hoped
    Yes make it bigger because it wouldn’t be enough for 1 football player

  7. I felt kind of sick but liked it.
    Yes it did taste as I hoped.
    Yes I would add a wafer and fruits like banana and plumb with rice crispies.

  8. I thought it would taste a bit sweeter so no it didn’t taste as I would’ve liked it too
    I would put nuts in it to give it more texture

  9. My breakfast bar tasted good.
    I felt happy after I ate my breakfast bar.
    Yes my breakfast tasted as I hoped it would.
    Yes, I would change the seeds to grapes because they are healthy.

  10. I didnt like the breakfast bar.
    I felt more energetic.
    I thought it would taste better. It was soggy.
    I would change the oats to rice crispies because i think it would’ve tasted better.

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