3 Blue make pizza dough

Today we have been making dough to use for our pizza making on Monday. We discussed what ingredients were needed and why. What ingredients were needed to make the dough? Why is using yeast important?

Pen Licenses in 3 Blue

Well done to Aayan, Jasmine and Safiyah who were the first children to be awarded a pen license in year 3. They put in 100% effort to ensure presentation is beautiful and their handwriting is neat. How could you improve your handwriting so that you got a pen license?

Year 3’s Well-being Day Dance Skills

Year 3 having being learning dance skills as a part of their well-being day. They have shown, resilience, determination, perseverance and courage in order to perform. When else have you shown determination? What was your favourite part of the day and why?

Times Table Olympics in 3 Blue

It has now been a month since we started our ‘Times Table Olympics’ in 3 Blue. The idea is that the children are able to answer a number of times table related questions in 3 minutes. If they get them all correct they move up a level on our Olympic chart. We now have 8 […]

3 Blue give instructions

3 Blue have been learning about instructions this week. Earlier on during the week they followed instructions and yesterday they gave each other verbal instructions. As a class they gave Mrs Patel instructions on how to make a chocolate rice crispies cake. Then then had a go instructed each other to make a jam sandwich, […]

Update on 3 Blue’s floating gardens

We have been watering our seeds, and have ensured that they are kept at the correct temperature. They have been placed by the window so they receive plenty of light… and they have started to grow! Why do you think some seeds have grown more than others? What has happened to your floating garden?

3 Blue follow instructions

This week we have been learning about instructions. We identified the key features of an instruction text and looked at what was needed for a good set of instructions. Today, we followed instructions to make a pencil topper. Were the instructions easy to follow? Why? Name the key features of an instruction text. What is […]

3 Blue’s persuasive adverts

This week we completed our holiday brochures for Italy. On Friday we created adverts to persuade people to go to Italy by telling them all the great things it had to offer. We worked as a team and shared ideas on what was best way to sell our holiday! As a class we discussed what […]

Super Spellers in 3 Blue!

Well done to all this week’s super spellers, including Aisha, who worked hard and got 10 out of 10 for their spelling test. Unfortunately, some of us aren’t practising as much as we need to. For next week I would like everyone in 3 Blue to choose an activity from below to help them with […]

3 Blue’s floating gardens

In Science this half term we have been researching floating gardens. We looked at the floating gardens in Bangladesh, to understand how they work. We also conducted our own experiment on what objects float and which objects sink. After 3 weeks of research, planning and designing, we made our floating gardens this week. What happened […]

Making arrays in 3 Blue

This week in maths, 3 Blue have been making arrays to help them to multiply. We made arrays in many different ways. We used cubes, bean bags, paint, stickers and humans! Can you answer these word problems using arrays? Luxor was planting a garden. He planted 3 rows of onions. He planted 6 in each […]

Another brilliant week in 3 Blue!

3 Blue have enjoyed another brilliant week. They have researched their floating gardens for Science, looked at Italy form different views in Topic and indulged in some pizza tasting for Design and Technology. What did you enjoy most this week? What did you learn this week?

3 Blue look at Italy from a different view

This week we have been exploring Italy from different views. We used street view to walk around the Colosseum, as well as looking at photographs from a ground level view and an aerial view. Is this an aerial view or a ground level view? How do you know? What view is this photograph taken from? […]

Float or sink? 3 Blue investigate

This week in science, we investigated buoyancy and the properties of objects that float and sink. We tested which material would be the best to use for our floating gardens. What does buoyancy mean? What material or object do you think will be most suitable for your floating garden?

3 Blue explore Italy

This half term we will be learning about Italy. Today, we researched facts on the iPads about Italy to include in our leaflets. We also used the VR headsets to see for ourselves what Italy looks like. Name 3 facts that you found out about Italy? What did Italy look like through the VR headsets?

3 Blue sing ‘Math it up’

This week the children in 3 Blue created their own four times table song. They used the music to Stack it up by Liam Payne and created their own lyrics. They did a fantastic job, I definitely prefer their version! The lyrics of the whole song are below if you want to join in.

Maths and Investigation Week in 3B

What a fantastic week we have had in 3 Blue. The children have displayed many Broad Heath values including teamwork, courage and resilience. We have used inspirational maths to bring out the mathematician in us. The children also created their own maths based board games. What was the most important thing you learnt this week? […]

Spelling strategies

Spelling tests will start again from next Friday. Please make sure that you are practising them daily. I have attached some different, fun and creative ways that you can use to practise your spellings. Give them a go!

3 Blue’s Rugby fun!

3 Blue have had a fun-filled day learning about Rugby and celebrating England’s success so far. They developed Broad Heath’s and rugby’s shared values of teamwork and respect. What did you enjoy most about the day?

Times Table Olympics in 3 Blue

Today we started our ‘Times Table Olympics’ in 3 Blue. The idea is that the children are able to answer a number of times table related questions in 3 minutes. If they get them all correct they move up a level on our Olympic chart. Safiyah, Zakariya and Umar were the first to enter the […]

Year 3 Autumn 2 Reading Challenge

Read this non-chronological text and then complete the challenges. Bronze: Give an example of a desert plant.What do all plants need to live and grow?How long can the roots of a bromeliad grow? Silver: Write 3 sentences about desert plants using subordinating conjunctions. Gold: Improve one of the sections by adding more adjectives, adverbs and […]