3 Blue Zoom Friday 25th June

Hi 3 Blue, We have a zoom on Friday morning. This will be a whole class zoom and if we need to speak to you individually we will let you know. Click here to join. Meeting ID: 935 3220 7375 Password: Same as always! Name of character in books on the window in book corner. […]

Wednesday 23rd June- Year 3 English Home Learning

Hi Year 3, To use descriptive language and expanded noun phrases. Watch the video below. Start from the bronze challenge! Bronze Write 5 expanded noun phrases to describe Paddington in the picture above. Look at what you need to describe! Silver Using your work from bronze, write a description of Paddington at the station using […]

Monday 21st June- Year 3 English Home Learning

Hi Year 3, To retell a story using speaking and listening skills. Watch the video below and then complete the task. Task Record yourself retelling the story of Paddington Bear. Make sure you change your tone, pace and pitch to keep the audience captured. Send in your recordings here.

3 Blue Friday Zoom

Hi 3 Blue, On Friday we will have a class zoom. This will be at 9.30 for EVERYONE. You have to attend!! The password is the same as before. PLEASE DO NOT POST THIS ON THE BLOG! Sabina Khaliq is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Click here to join Topic: 3 Blue’s zoom […]

Thursday 17th June- Year 3 English Home Learning

Hi Year 3, EW: To write a character description. Watch the video below before you complete today’s learning in your homework books. All work is to be completed in you homework book. Please upload a photo to the link below. Bronze Write a character description using adjectives. Silver Write a character description using adjectives and […]

Egyptian Day in 3 Blue

Wow what a great day 3 Blue. You were all amazing Egyptians! Watch the video below to see what our fun-filled day involved. Tell me three facts you learnt about Tutankhamen. What was you favourite activity? Why? What did the Egyptians put in the canopic jars? Why?

Workout Wednesday in 3B

As part of Workout Wednesday, 3 Blue created their own workout videos to help others stay fit and active. Watch some of our workouts below and make sure you join in! Which exercise is your favourite and why? Which exercise do you find tricky? How can you make sure you stay fit and healthy?

Year 3- Evaluating your fruit salad

Now that you have made and eaten your fruit salad, we are going to evaluate it. What score would you give your salad out of 10? What fruits did you use? What did you like about your fruit salad? What would you change about your fruit salad? Would you make it again? Why?

Times Tables Olympics in 3 Blue

WOW 3 Blue, you have all made amazing progress with your times tables! We are so proud of you. Well done to Abdullah, Bakary, Elham, Retaj, Umama and Hasbia who have all moved up on the leaderboard. An extra huge well done to both Umama and Abdullah who both correctly answered 60 multiplication and division […]

National Numeracy Day in 3 Blue

What a fantastic day we have had in 3 Blue! We have practised our times tables, solved problems using Egyptian numbers and consolidated our learning about time! Watch the video below to see our day! What was your favourite activity? How have you made progress today?

Telling the Time in 3 Blue

Today in 3 Blue we learnt to tell the time in 1 and 5 minute intervals practically. We made clocks, played games and put together a muddled up analogue clock. Where should the minute hand be pointing to show: o’clock… half past… quarter past… quarter to… ten past… ten to…?

3 Blue investigate reflective materials

This week in science 3 Blue investigated what materials are reflective. They looked at a range of materials including tin foil, plastic, jumpers and mirrors. What kind of materials were reflective? Where do the light waves come from?What happens to the wave if it is blocked by a reflective object?What happens to the wave if […]

🌟3 Blue Super Spellers 🌟

Well done to this week’s super spellers who all got 10 out of 10 on their spelling test! You have all worked so hard and practise every week without fail. Next time myself and Mrs Walker would like to see more children getting 10 out of 10, so get practising!

This Week in 3 Blue…

Another super week in 3 Blue! Both myself and Mrs Walker are so proud of your attitudes towards learning. Keep it up superstars! ⭐️ What was your favourite lesson this week? Why? Tell me three facts that you learnt about David Walliams. What does the following Maths vocabulary mean? Numerator Denominator Equivalent

3 Blue Multiply and Divide

This morning 3 Blue created arrays outside to secure their multiplication and division knowledge. They then took part in a multiplication and division Bootcamp. What is 7 x 8? Now tell me the other facts from this family. Remember, there are 4 altogether!