Peter Pan Day in 3 Blue

WOW what an fantastic day we have had in 3 Blue! You all looked amazing in your costumes, thank you to the adults who helped to ensure every child took part. You all a great attitude and the atmosphere was definitely magical in the classroom. What was your favourite activity of the day? What new […]

3 Blue sort rocks

This week in Science 3 Blue have been sorting and grouping rocks. We looked at the different properties of rocks and then decided how we would group them in a Venn diagram. We then researched how rocks are used and created posters showing our findings. Can you tell me about one rock and how it […]

Super Spellers in 3 Blue

An amazing 21 children got 10/10 on their spellings today. This is an improvement on last week. Well done all of you. Keep practising 3 Blue and lets see if we can all get 10/10 next week! A big well done to Kirtan, Khadija and Minaal who were very close and scored 9.

3 Blue’s Time Tables Practise

As promised year 3 here are some videos to help you learn your times tables. Please keep practising as you should now know you 2, 4, 5 and 10 times tables.

3 Blue’s Times Tables Olympics

Today 3 Blue had their first attempt at the Times Tables Olympics. They have 3 minutes to answer 24 multiplication and division sums. A big well done to Kirtan who is the first child to enter the Olympic podium. He answered all 24 questions correct! Come on 3 Blue, keep practising!

Pen license in 3 Blue

We have given our first pen license for Year 3 today! A big well done to Yusuf who has consistently produced beautifully presented, joined, cursive handwriting. We are so proud of you! What advice would you give to others so that they can also achieve beautiful handwriting?

3 Blue Work as a Team

Today 3 Blue showed fantastic teamwork when building a tower. They had to work together and support each other in order to try and build the tallest tower with just paper and sellotape. What does teamwork mean? What makes a good team player? What are the benefits of working as a team?

3 Blue become Rock Detectives

3 Blue have had a great afternoon learning about rocks. We have looked at the properties of different types of rocks and how they are formed. We even made our own chocolate rocks! Watch our video to see our great learning. How are igneous rocks formed? How are sedimentary rocks formed?

Art and Book Week in 3 Blue

WOW what a first week back 3 Blue! You have all been absolutely amazing. Both myself and Mrs Walker are so proud of the maturity and enthusiasm you have shown this week. You have blown us away! During Art and Book Week you have displayed so many of the Broad Heath values. You have shown […]

Year 3’s Zoom call with Anoosha Syed

Year 3 had a very special treat today. They had a Zoom call with Anoosha Syed- the Illustrator of this week’s book ‘I am Perfectly Designed’. Anoosha told the children about her career and how she gets inspiration for her illustrations. She then answered questions from the children. It was a fantastic experience! Watch some […]

Friday 17th July- Year 3 Moving on.

Hi Year 3, Today is your last official day as a year 3 child in Broad Heath school. Hasn’t the year flown by? We have had so much fun! Here is a video to remind us of some of the fun we have had! You are moving on to new and exciting times in year […]

Wednesday 15th July- Year 3: 60 second read!

Good Morning year 3, Today we are going to test our reading skills by challenging ourselves to a 60 second read. Time 60 seconds or get someone to time you and read the text. Then answer the questions next to it! I will publish the answers on a separate blog so you can check how […]


Hi Year 3, You are able to come and collect any books and belongings from school on Wednesday 8th July and Monday 13th July between 1pm and 3pm. Please bring a bag to carry your books home! This will also give you the opportunity to say farewell to your teachers and LSAs. We would love […]

3 Blue Zoom- Monday 6th July at 3pm

Hi 3 Blue, We will be holding a zoom Meeting on Monday at 3pm. As always, I will put up the password and code 10 minutes before the zoom meeting. Please make sure your camera is on, otherwise will not be allowed to join. Make sure that you also have your name visible. Have a […]