Year 5 Homework Autumn 2 Week 3

Hi year 5! Here is your homework for the weekend. Please choose two pieces and complete by Wednesday morning.

Please also remember to complete your handwriting task with your Week 4 spelling words.


To understand key vocabulary relating to multiplication and division.  

Create a poster showing the definitions of this vocabulary.





Prime numbers

Square numbers

Cube numbers


To review Spag objectives.  


To carry out an investigation 

Carry out the investigation at home and write a conclusion. Could you use a table to show what you found out?

How it works:

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  1. 1. When parrot saw the food, the rainbow parrot squawked loudly.
    2. Musician, Magician, Mathematician.
    3. Many, Every, Some.
    4. While, after.
    Preposition, between, among.
    Adverb, bravely, clearly
    Determiners, articles[ a, an, the]
    5. There was a fly sitting on a juice cup.

  2. English –
    1. After the parrots cage had been opened , the rainbow parrot squawked loudly
    2. – the words are , Musician , Magician and Mathematician
    3. The words Mr Whoops has jumbled are – Some , every and many
    4. The most suitable subordinate conjunctions are – After and Because
    5. Prepositions – Over and under – Adverbs – Slowly and quickly – Determiners – Some and each
    6. Quickly , the fly glided away from the frog for it’s Snack

  3. Sorry i posted this early
    Ice(without salt or food dye):this took 1:49sec to melt (with sunlight) but when I tried it on a colder day 2:43 sec (51 sec difference)
    Ice(with food dye and salt): this took 0:52 sec to melt (with sunlight) and on a colder day when I tried this it took 1min6seconds (14sec difference)

  4. I noticed if you put food die with salt in ice it melts faster and is more colder than regular ice.
    I noticed that the ice with no salt was the least coldest i think this is because when you put salt on ice i think it would get colder and i noticed the food colouring made it more colder.The main thing i noticed was that if you put salt with ice it melts faster and gets colder

  5. EnGlIsH
    1 as soon as the shopkeeper left, the rainbow parrot squawked loudly.
    2 musician, magician and mathematittitoan
    3. Mr Whoops jumbled up the words:
    Some, every and many
    After and because are the words that I think are suitable.
    5 adverbs: quickly and ran
    Preposition’s: above and under
    Determiners,:she and he
    6. A bee absetoultly destroyed a fly

  6. I did my spellings in my homework book and English and maths and also I did maths double page spread and English I worked so hard for it😔

  7. English:
    1)When the owner left,the parrot squawked loudly.
    2)Musician,Magician and mathematician.
    3)Many,every and some.
    4)After and because.
    Where and on.
    Swiftly and unwillingly.
    The and some.
    6)I found a fly

  8. English –
    1) After the pet shop owner opened the parrots cage, the rainbow parrot squawked loudly.
    2) The words are –
    Musician, magician and mathematician.
    3) Mr Whoops jumbled up the determiners –
    Some, every and many.
    4) The most suitable subordinate
    conjunctions are –
    After and because.
    5a) Prepositions – Over and under.
    5b) Adverbs – Slowly and quickly.
    5c) Determiners – Some and each.
    6) Quickly, the fly ran before the frog could eat it for its breakfast.
    I will bring my Maths poster and Week 4 spellings in my book.

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