Year 3 Topic Home Learning Spring 1 Week 2

To understand the life of a Roman soldier. Start by watching these two videos. Your task: Today, you are going to be writing a diary entry from the perspective of a Roman soldier. Watch the video to see how I wrote mine. Success criteria:– Start with Dear Diary– Use conjunctions– Write in paragraphs– Use […]

Year 3 Science Spring 1 Week 2

To know some of the main bones in the human skeleton. Let’s learn what bones are used for? This is a great link for your to explore more about the human skeleton. Here’s a game where you get to build a skeleton. BRONZE: List the uses of bones (use the video to help […]

Year 3 SMSC Spring 1 Week 2

To know how and why Christians pray. Watch this video to hear some Christian children talk about prayer. Write your answers as a blog comment. Here is the video about the Lord’s Prayer for the Gold challenge.

Year 3 DT Lesson 1

To be able to explain how air pressure can be used to control movement Watch the video to hear what you are learning about today and to hear what your task is. Here are some helpful slides which will help you to be able to draw and write about the pneumatic systems. Sharepoint:

Year 3 Topic Spring 1 Week 1

Hello, lovelies! Today, we are going to be understanding when the Romans ruled Britain and why they came to Britain. TO KNOW WHEN THE ROMANS RULED Start by watching this video which tells you all about the Romans. Order these events. Challenge: Use this link and add any new events to your timeline. TO […]

Year 3 Science Spring 1 Week 1

TO KNOW THAT HUMANS AND ANIMALS CANNOT MAKE THEIR OWN FOOD Task: Make a poster explaining how plants make their food and how animals (including humans) get their food. TO UNDERSTAND THAT DIFFERENT FOOD GROUPS BENEFIT THE BODY FOR HEALTH AND GROWTH. Read this information and use it to help you with the tasks. Bronze: […]

Year 3 SMSC Spring 1 Week 1

To know what prayer is If you were in school yesterday, you would have done this lesson with us. You do not need to do it again. Today we are learning about Prayer. Watch the video to learn about prayer and to hear the tasks in more detail. The task slide is also beneath the […]

3 Red are Pizza Makers

Today, 3 Red have been making and evaluating delicious pizzas. It was great to see them gain some many skills like baking, mixing and teamwork. What have you learnt today? How do you know you’ve made progress? How could you improve you pizza?

3Red make a Eatwell Plate.

Today 3R have been busy creating a Eatwell Plate outside in the Playground. Well done 3 Red you did an amazing job👍. CHALLENGE TIME🧐 Can you name the different food groups ? Give an example of each food group. What kind of healthy meal would you cook and why?

Art Around The World Week 3 Red

WOW! What a fantastic week of learning and progress in 3 Red. It’s been wonderful to learn more about the UK and to find out about the Romans and an artist called Anna and the Willow. A truly wonderful week for all! Where does Anna live? Who were we inspired by in our poppies and […]

3 Red Readers

So great to see so many children really getting stuck into reading. Over the half-term break, please make sure you are reading. Please make sure your journals are signed. What will you be reading over the break? It’s also wonderful to see so many children enjoying our reading corner. “It’s really cool and really nice […]

Year 3 Well-being Day

What a fabulous day in year 3! There are so many ways in which we have enhanced our physical and mental well-being. How have you built on your physical well-being? How have you built on your mental well-being? What was your favourite part of the day?

3 Red’s Stone Age Problems

This afternoon, we have been solving Stone Age problems. We started by using soap to represent stones and made tools (you can finish these at home as I’d love to see the finished ones). We also ground flour and did some weaving. What were some problems that Stone Age people faced? How did they solve […]

3 Red’s Peter Pan Day

Wow! What a fabulous day in 3 Red. Well done for your wonderful attitude and sense of fun and many thanks to all your grown-ups at home for helping you put together wonderful costumes. I can’t wait to use all our fantastic learning from today to write our adventure stories next week.