Hello Year 5, what a great start you have all made. Learning about Properties and changes of materials, writing an adventure story and persuasive text, learning the geography of Spain, cooking Paella, dancing the Flamenco! And practicing SATS test, such a busy and exciting term we have had! Have a look at the highlights of your learning this half term and tell us what you have enjoyed. Have a nice break and we look forward to seeing you in Spring 1. Mrs Khan, Mrs Diaz and Mrs Habib





11 responses to “Year 5 -Portfolios- Autumn 2 2021.”

  1. Safa M.

    It was geat

    1. Safa M.

      I meant great

  2. Samanta V.

    I think I wasn’t here but Wowwwww

  3. Osato O.

    I really enjoyed this term.

  4. Aysha R.

    I really enjoyed this term

  5. Luxor A.

    It was great.

  6. Surinder J.

    This term was fun!
    My favourite was all of it!!

  7. Mehar R.

    I,wish we could have this term

  8. Zainab A.

    I,wish we could have this term again

  9. Sumayyah A.

    We had loads of fun hope this carry’s on

  10. Simin W.

    This term was great!

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