4 White, science-Solid and Liquids.

In Science this week, 4 White have been learning about liquids and solids and how they change state when they are heated. They conducted a fair test to see if the solid materials, cheese, butter and chocolate melted to a Liquid. Here are some pictures of them observing the change of state of matter. What […]

4 White, BH good citizenship posters in PHSE.

Today in PHSE, year 4 were looking at how a Broad Heath citizens should behave. They created posters about good citizenship, which included what a good BH citizen: is, does, says and is not.Here are some pictures below of some of the children’s fantastic work. These will be displayed on the windows in the conservatory. […]

4 White’s Battleship coordinates.

Today in maths, 4 White have been identifying and understanding how to plot coordinates on a grid. We played a game called ‘Battleships’ With our partners, this also helped us to understand how to read coordinates and use our memory skills. Below is a link to a ‘Battleship’ game we played in class, have a […]

4 White’s Book Week.

In Book Week, 4 White have been looking at the book ‘The Firework Makers Daughter’ written by Philip Pullman. Please take a look at our IMovie below. What was your favourite part of Book Week? Do you think Lila will be able to save her father? Can you predict what the ending of the story […]

Food chains in 4 White.

This term in Science we have been looking at food chains and the cycle that plants and animals are linked too. We researched a habitat and created some fantastic food web posters that are displayed out side our classroom in the conservatory. Take a look at our posters below. Which habitat did you research? Which […]

Cracking times table codes in 4 White!

Four White enjoyed solving the times table code in maths this week. This links to our times table test later in the year. Can you create your own joke using the times table code below. Then have a go at decoding your class friends jokes, good luck!

4 White,Maths weekly round up!

This week in Maths, 4 White have been practising their rounding skills. Below is Mikolaj demonstrating how to round to the nearest thousand on a number line. 4 White practised the Harvest song for the assembly 28 times, it was word perfect! How many times did they practise rounded to the nearest 10? For our […]

4 White, exploring Mayan numbers in maths.

Today in Maths we have been exploring the Mayan number system. Year 4 White worked well in teams to solve the Mayan number Sudoku problems. Platinum challenge! Can you design your own Mayan Sudoku game for a friend? Bring your design to me (Mrs Diaz) and I will have a go too! I will also […]

4 White’s school councillors!

Let’s give a big welcome to our new school council representatives, Marwa and Muhammad. They were chosen by their class peers and we look forward to seeing them being fantastic role models. What makes a good school role model? Can you give any good suggestions to pass on to our school councillors?

4 White’s Respect and War display.

To start our Autumn term in Art week we have been learning about Respect and war. We firstly looked at the Poppy and what this symbolises to the war. We also learnt about the word RESPECT. Please take a look at our fantastic display below. Why was the poppy used to commemorate the war? Can […]

Year 3, trip to London.

Yesterday, Year 3 had a fantastic opportunity to visit London! We got to see the some of the most famous landmarks of London and visit the Science museum, here we investigated different forces. How lucky are we! Take a look at our video below, enjoy! What famous landmarks did you see? What was your favourite […]

3 Blue, Paddington Bear story.

Today in English we acted out parts of the story from Paddington Bear. In groups, we orally retold parts from the story and made an I Movie to show this. Take a look at our acting skills below. Can you write a character description of Paddington Bear? Remember to add adjectives, adverbs, descriptive language, similes […]

3 Blues shadow investigation.

In 3 Blue this term we have been looking at light sources and today we created a human sundial to explain how shadows change throughout the day. We predicted when the longest and shortest shadow would be and then we went out side to investigate our predictions. We drew around one of our classmates shadow […]

English, book review.

This week in English we have been looking at the famous author ‘David Walliams’ We wrote a book review on one of his books, using the features we had been taught. As a challenge I would like you to write a book review on Purple Mash of your favourite book or the book you are currently […]

Super work in 3 Blue

Well done to these children who have all gained this week! Sharmake, Alexis, Hamaad, Marwa and Aamina gained their Pen licence, for their wonderful handwriting. We have had some super homework from Alina and Yahya, who always go the extra mile. There has been some fantastic work achieved in maths by Zaid, Adeena and Umaiza […]

PSHE – 3 Blue feelings

Today in PHSE we were learning about different feelings. Take a look at our short video where the green group are talking about their feelings. Imagine you are starting a new school.  How would you feel? Write a diary entry to describe your feelings.

Super homework in 3 Blue

This half term we have been learning about the Romans’ and homework this week was to create a 3D model of an amphitheater or colosseum. I am so proud of all the hard work that children have been putting into their homework!  Just take a look at these fantastic models made by some children in […]

Spanish in Year 3

Today in Year 3 we have been learning how to greet others in Spanish.  We learnt how to say ‘Hello,’ ‘How are you?’ and ‘Goodbye.’ Take a look at our short video below of us greeting each other in Spanish, enjoy! How would you greet someone in Spanish?

Well done Muhammad

Well done to Muhammad for completing his Maths works independently. Muhammad was able to complete his work by subtracting 2 digit numbers from 3 digit numbers. He showed his jottings and presented his work beautifully. Keep up the good work Muhammad!