Year 5 Homework- Week 1, due 23/06/21

Hello Year 5!Below is your homework for this week. Pick two tasks of your choice. Please send your work to the share point. English Starter: Handwriting Practice- Practice your spellings for this term. Main task: Find an example of a fable or myth text. Analyse it, identifying the key features of the text type. Maths: […]

Design your own god/goddess poster.

Hello Year 5, this half term we are studying Ancient Greeks in History, therefore we will be studying Ancient Greek Myths and Legends in English. I would like you to design a Greek god or goddess poster of your choice, adding a character description, their strengths, weaknesses. Make it stand out by adding colour like […]

Year 5-Summer 2 Spellings

Hello Year 5, here are your spellings for Summer 2. Please practise theses ready for the spelling test on Fridays. Good luck! Mrs Diaz, Mrs Khan and Mrs Habib. YEAR 5-MONKEYS GROUP YEAR 5-SHARKS GROUP YEAR 5-CROCODILES GROUP

Tasty Tuesday in 5 Red!🍎🍓🍇🍉

Today on Tasty Tuesday we have been looking at healthy food and the importance of healthy eating. We started off by discussing the 5 food groups and then created posters promoting healthy eating. We then went to the school kitchen and used our cutting skills to cut different fruits, this was fun and even better […]

Mindful Monday in 5 Red.

To kick start our Health week we looked at developing our growth mindset by helping others. We discussed the time when someone had done something really kind for us and a time when we had done something kind for someone else. We talked about how it made us feel and watched a video on the […]

5 Red’s Super Spellers!

Well done to 5 Red for achieving super spelling scores today! We had 20 children who achieved 10/10, 6 children who achieved 9/10 and only 2 who achieved below this. Keep this up and let’s see if we can continue to beat this score and achieve 10/10 for the whole class!!

Year 5, Science- Understanding Animal Classification.

In Science this term, Year 5 have been looking at living things, starting with the reproduction process of plants and then continuing this week on to different animal cycles. We started by sorting the animals into the correct classifications and then refined them in each group. Below are some questions for you to complete. We […]

5 Red’s, Spring 2, Celebrations Of Home Learning.

Hello 5 Red, Firstly, well done to those children who have shown determination and resilience this week when completing their work. We are incredible proud of you! We look forward to seeing more of your home learning work, so please keep commenting and sending in your work daily. The expectations are still high, so please ensure […]

Year 5, Can You Find It Activity?

Year 5 I need your help! I have lost my 10 eggs and a bunny friend! Can you help me find them in each scene?? They are doing their best to blend in! So you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled. Tip- Read the text on each scene it will help you! Challenge- Why not […]

Year 5, Spring 1, Week 5-Citizen’s Of The Week!

Hello Year 5! Another week accomplished with some fantastic home learning from you all. To celebrate your achievements here are the pupils who have impressed us this week. The Citizen’s of the week are… 5 RED’S Rayaan is the Citizen of the week because he always joins the registration Zooms with a smile and never […]

5 White’s, Week 3 Home Learning Gallery.

5 White, what another amazing week you have had. Some fantastic work coming through. Great calculations, neat presentation and cursive handwriting. Have a look through the gallery and see who our blogger of the week is. Keep it up! Blogger of the week is… Iqra!! For trying her best with her work and for always responding […]

Year 5, Spring 1,Week 3- Citizen’s Of The Week!

Hola Year 5! Another week accomplished with some superb home learning from you all. To celebrate your achievements here are the pupils who have impressed us this week. The Citizen’s of the week are… 5 RED’S Ellie is our citizen of the week because she has shown determination and has tried her best in every […]