Reading Gladiators group 2.

This week we are looking at chapters 7, 8, 9 and 10 from the ’Boy In The Tower’ We began to find more information out about Ade’s mum and the troubles she faces. For this weeks homework can you read chapters 8, 9 and 10 please. Using your retrieval skills, answer the questions below and […]

Boys reading group Year 5.

This week in our reading group we have started to read the book ‘Hurricane.’ Firstly, we looked at the front cover and then answered questions related to it and then read the first 3 pages. In week 2 we read and comprehended pages 4, 5 and 6. Challenge 1- Now we have read the first […]

Reading Gladiators, group 2.

This week we read chapter 3 from the ’Boy In The Tower’ We began to find more information out about the narrator and new characters were introduced to this chapter. For this weeks homework can you read chapters 4, 5 and 6 please. Answer the questions below and use a range of evidence to support […]

5 Red’s trip to Stratford Upon Avon.

5 Red had a lovely day at Stratford Upon Avon, although wet and miserable we all managed to see some historical localities as part of the Geography unit. Whilst on the trip, we were able to see physical and human features, look at traffic and rubbish and visit famous tourist attractions, such as the most […]

Reading Gladiators, Group 2.

Today, in our reading gladiators group we started a new book called ’ Boy In The Tower.’ Firstly, we looked at the front cover and talked and answered questions using our explain, retrieve, interpreting and choice skills. We also looked at the vocabulary and discussed the definitions. We read chapter one. Chapter two and three […]

Welcome back Year 5.

Hello Year 5. We hope you all have had a nice long weekend? We have put together a little fun video of some of the things we have planned for you this half term, we hope you enjoy it! We look forward to seeing all of your enthusiastic smiles tomorrow.

Marvellous Mixtures in 5 Red.

Today in 5 Red we completed an experiment to separate different mixtures using a range of materials. We used salt, sugar, sand, flour, peas, rice and raisins. We used a sieve, filter paper, magnets, paper clips and a funnel to separate the mixtures. Take a look at the pictures below. Which mixture was the most […]

5 Red, Friday Health Week.

Mindfulness- Today we looked at daily activities to ensure your mental wellbeing is positive. We then created a poster of positive activities to help mental wellbeing. Be Connected- To understand what mental health is and how it can be resolved when the right support is made available. We performed short drama scenarios about how to […]

5 Red Wednesday Health Week.

climbing wall – We had the fantastic opportunity of learning to climb on a climbing wall. It was so much fun! Have a look at our amazing video. Be Healthy We looked at the effects of sugar on the body, identified foods that are high in sugar and when it is acceptable to eat high […]

Victorian day in 5 Red!

What a victorious day 5 Red have had! We started the day off learning about the Victorian railways and the negative and positive impact this had on that era. We then went on to learn about how crime had escalated due to rising manufacturing and how this had lead to the tragic death of Thomas […]

5 Red perform ’The Raven’

Today in English, 5 Red got to perform a stanza from the poem ’The Raven’ They used intonation, changed pitched and speed, expression, hand gestures and sound effects to perform it. Take a look at our performances below. What skills have you transferred from the professionals to your own performances?

Mrs Diaz’s phonics- Week 4, IR, UR,ER.

For week 4 in our phonic sessions, we are focusing on the sounds IR, UR and ER. Firstly we looked at the sounds and talked about the words these sounds would be in. We then went onto read the RWI book, ‘Looking After Hamster’ where we read, comprehended and answered questions and then completed a […]