Hello Year 5, What can we say we’ve had a superb half term. Lots of learning, progress made and it’s been fun. Watch the videos below and tell us what you have enjoyed this half term. Have a great break and stay safe. Mrs Khan, Mrs Diaz and Mrs Habib





14 responses to “Year 5 – Spring 2 Portfolios”

  1. Aisha R.

    I had so much fun 5his half term

    1. Aisha R.

      This half term

  2. Lawy A.

    This was the best term ever

  3. Safiyah P.

    I enjoyed this half term because I now know how to convert decimals and percentages into fractions.

  4. Maryam G.

    Have a good half term!!

  5. Amanah S.

    I had a amazing term!!!

  6. Faizan R.

    This term was very fun

  7. Rubinio M.

    l liked the bout that I have seen in the canal because people can live in it.
    In maths I like doing the decimals because it is easy.🤩

  8. Muhammed A.

    I enjoyed this term very much.

  9. Lillie S.

    I enjoyed this half term

  10. Serina I.

    It was a very good term

  11. Jasmine M.

    I enjoyed this term and I liked the videos

  12. Aysha R.

    I enjoyed this term very much

  13. Simin W.

    It was a good term!

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