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Year 5 – Summer 2 Portfolios 2022

Year 5, I guess its goodbye from us. You have definately worked so hard this half term despite the heat. Watch the videos to see the highlights this half term. Hope you have a great summer and come back ready for Year 6. Mrs Khan, Mrs Diaz and Mrs Habib





14 responses to “Year 5 – Summer 2 Portfolios 2022”

  1. Fatimah K.

    Year 5 was great i am really excited for next year.

  2. Samanta V.

    I really enjoyed Y5, goodbye all of u!

  3. Zainab A.

    I enjoyed science making bridges
    I have used team work

  4. Zakariya K.

    I enjoyed maths and science.

  5. Aleena I.

    I really enjoyed year 5. Goodbye.

  6. Serina I.

    I enjoyed this half term

  7. Lillie S.

    I loved year5!

  8. Luxor A.

    My favourite unit when we did the myth.

  9. Safiyah P.

    I enjoyed this half term because we got to learn about myths and legends and got to use our imagination to create setting descriptions about each labour

  10. Muhammad S.

    I enjoyed this half term and I can’t wait to be in yer6

  11. Aisha R.

    I had fun this half term. Can’t wait for year 6

  12. Maryam G.

    I enjoyed this half term.

  13. Muhammed A.

    I enjoyed doing maths and also English.

  14. Safa M.

    Goodbye I really enjoyed Year 5!

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