Year 5- To understand the effect of Gravity

over the last two weeks, 5 Blue have been investigating Gravity and its effects.

Firstly, we looked at this concept cartoon:

What were your initial thoughts? How have they changed?

Children were challenged to create a plan to successfully land a probe on Mars.

What are the difficulties with landing a probe on Mars?

In teams, children create a plan to successfully land a probe (egg) on Mars. Here are our plans:

How did you plan counter the effects of Gravity?

Was Air Resistance important? How and why?

This week, we created our probe and in teams.

Then we tested them! For this we dropped them from the top of the Adventure playground slide to see if the probe (egg) landed without breaking.

Was your plan successful? Why or why not?

How would you improve it next time?

10 thoughts on “Year 5- To understand the effect of Gravity

  1. My initial thoughts were that person number 2 and 3 were correct because Gravity does exist on other planets and my thoughts didn’t change.
    Air resistance was important because it there wasn’t air resistance it will fall to the ground immediately.However with air resistance it fell to the ground
    but not immediately.

    My plan was successful because the egg didn’t break or fall out of its protection and because of the parachute.
    I would improve it by tightening the strings and making sure they were not tangled.

  2. 1. I thought that child 3 was right but child 2 was correct to.
    2. The problem was that Mars will pull the object to it self.
    3. We countered Gravity by using a parachute.
    4. Yes because if you don’t have air resistance your probe will get destroyed.
    5. My plan was correct because I had a parachute.
    6. Will make it more protected.

  3. 1. The 2nd person and 3rd person is right because’ Gravity exists on other planets and Gravity and air resistance counter each other.
    2. Gravity pulls the probe down.
    3. We countered it with a parachute.
    4. It was important because it made it so it go slower.
    5. It was not a success because the parachute was not air resistance.
    6. The parachute an the small box.

  4. Ours was successful because the egg didn’t brake
    I could improve by making it more secure cause the eggg fell out so I could add like a roof

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