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Year 6 Homework Blog (Reading) Week 5

Hello Year 6 Citizens! As we approach SATS your Reading, Maths and SPaG homework will now be on three separate blogs to revise and complete practice questions. This is your Reading homework blog. I have attached the other the blogs below:



  • Use your homework book to make revision notes and complete the tasks set from the booklet below every week.
  • All work to be completed in homework books nice and neatly – We will mark all work in school on Wednesday / Thursday.
  • Write question headings out clearly and label your margins e.g. 1a) 1b) 1c)
  • Spellings to still be written out, defined and put into an accurate, high quality sentence.

Read the text clearly and answer the questions: Alison Avoids Wonderland

Question 1) What type of text is this? What evidence is there in the layout is there to support your view?

13 responses to “Year 6 Homework Blog (Reading) Week 5”

  1. Yalda N.

    did it

  2. Saira S.

    I have completed this in my homework book.

  3. Bijan N.

    I have done it

  4. Qasim K.

    I completed all tasks in my homework book.

  5. Rahaniya S.

    I have finished 3 of them homeworks and I finished my spelling in test in my homework book

  6. Yalda N.

    I have done it this week.

  7. Elyas S.

    I have done my Reading challenge.

  8. Rhema E.

    I have finished doing my reading homework.

  9. Rhema E.

    I have finished doing the maths homework.

  10. Arina A.

    I have done this

  11. Yalda N.

    done it

  12. Marley H.

    Ive done it in my homework book

  13. Ouzair A.

    i have finished this

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