89 thoughts on “Year 6 Maths Challenge Autumn 2

  1. Challenges 😊
    1. (6,4,2,5,3,1) I thinkthis is the answer.

    4×10 so that would make it 40 mins long

    A to B B to D D to E E to C C to F F to A
    This costs £24 and is the cheapest one.

  2. Bronze
    One of the options are
    2&5 3&6 4&1
    Also:4&6 5&2 1&3

    As there is four igloos on each row which 10 metres long the shortest route to go round the is in a square that would add up to 40 metres including igloos

  3. Gold challenge:
    I found out two ways.
    A to b
    B to c
    C to d
    D to e
    E to f
    F to e
    This will cost £21
    A to F
    F to b
    B to d
    D to e
    E to c
    C to f
    F to a
    This will cost £24.

  4. Gold challenge
    A-B-C-D-E-F-A=A to B. B to C. C to D .D to E.E to F and F to A.
    I think this it the cheapest route because if u add all the costs to the places it equals £22

  5. Bronze:

    1)It will be 40cm because there is 4 igloos in each row so out side of the town there is 10 street together so I done 4×10 that is 40.
    2)But if there was 4 rows and 5 igloos then it will 50cm.

    1)there are 8 routes
    2)C to E is better because you only need to travel 3 cities but C to F is no t better because you need to travel 4 cities and it will take long.so is much better to go to C to E and is a less journey too.Also the price is better because they are £2.

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