Hi Year 6! Below is your Maths challenge for Spring 2! As you learn more about Algebra this term, this will help you to solve the problems below. Give them ago and remember your values of resilience and knowledge!

Bronze Challenge:

Silver Challenge:

Gold Challenge: Find the value of each letter using substitution.

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23 responses to “Year 6 Maths Challenge (Spring 2 2022)”

  1. Marwa H.

    I have completed these in my homework book!

  2. Yalda N.

    We did this last half term tho.. did we not?
    I’ll check

    1. Yalda N.

      Um I did this last half term.

      1. Yalda N.

        ill just do silver
        maybe all of it nvm

    2. Yalda N.

      I’ll do all of it

  3. Ali K.

    The value of 1 drum would be 5. 9+9+9+9+9=45 9+9+9+5+5+5=42
    The highest number would be 18+13+14+18=63

  4. Rasan M.

    I have done Bronze, Silver and Gold in my Homework Book.

  5. Aayan S.

    I have completed it in my homework book

  6. Ellie T.

    l Did my maths

  7. Harris B.

    I have done bronze, silver and gold.

  8. Elyas S.

    I have done my maths.

  9. Ilyas I.

    I have completed the gold challenge in my homework book.

  10. Muhammad R.

    I will give a go..

  11. Muhammad R.

    I will give a go

  12. Safya S.

    8 15 6 9
    14 13 18 20
    18 17 2 5
    3 15 19 6

  13. Ouzair A.

    i will do bronze and silver

  14. Absi P.

    I will try my best at this

  15. Bijan

    Okkk I will try to do it

  16. Yalda N.

    I have done silver and gold looks hard.. but I will do it obv (obviously) ✌🏽👌🏽

  17. Yalda N.

    Umm I found out that silver was fine in the first math challenge… Do we do it again?
    I will do it now anyway though. Please inform me at school. :]

    1. Yalda N.

      *I meant done not fine sorry

  18. Yalda N.

    Ok I will do this. 👌🏽👍🏽

  19. Abdullah A.

    I will try my best at this.

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