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  1. Reading challenge
    1)cars and robots
    3)summer olympics
    5)green tea
    6)childrens day
    7)Chopstiks are a very important part in Japanese culture but we don’t use chopstiks instead we use cutlery.

  2. Questions
    1. car and robot I think 🤔🤔
    2. Re because in the japan school they did not say they learn Re.
    3. Summer Olympics.
    4. natto.
    5. green tea
    6. Children’s Day
    7. My life is different because the first word I said was ALLAH (GOD in Arabic). Japanese first words have different meanings, like “hello,” or the name of their favorite food.

  3. Japan comprehension Questions….

    1. Find and copy a word which means producer.

    One word that means producer is manufacturer.
    2. Which two languages do children study at school?Tick two.

    English German Spanish Japanese
    ———- ————

    3. What is Japan’s national sport?Tick one.
    National sport of Japan is sumo.

    4. What is the capital city of Japan?
    The capital city of Japan is Tokyo.

    5. What are hashi? Tick one.

    noodles soybeans chopsticks fish
    6. What do tea ceremonies represent?Tick one.
    harmony, respect, patience and tranquillity. hope, respect, purity and truth.
    Harmony respect patience and respect
    harmony, respect, purity and tranquillity

  4. 1. Cars and robot
    3. Summer olympics
    4. Natto
    5. Green tea
    6. Childrens day
    7.my life is different because I learnt how to walk first whereas they learn how to use chopsticks first in Japan

    2.Japanese and English
    3.sumo wrestling
    6.harmony respect purity and tranquillity
    7. The carp was chosen as a symbol because it represents strength and success as legends say a carp swam up stream and became a dragon
    8.they both are developed in Asia Japan has a children day but my culture doesn’t

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