Hi Year 6, here you are at the end of primary school and ready for next chapter of your life.

You have worked hard, worked as a team and achieved great results. My self , Mr Inman and Mrs Jones wish you all the best for secondary school. Keep gaining! Keep smiling!
Check out the video below showcasing your last term at Broad heath.

10 responses to “Year 6 – Summer 2 Portfolio 2022”

  1. Rahaniya S.

    I will miss broad heath😭😭

    1. Head Teacher

      You will be great at your new school, shine brightly.

  2. Mishal N.

    I’m really sad that our Y6 journey has came to an end . I’ll miss everyone and my friends . (Remember “once a BroadHeather always a BroadHeather”). It was very enjoyable to go to these trips.

    1. Head Teacher

      Enjoy Mishal and continue to shine.x

  3. Aamina B.

    I’m going to miss all the memories I have made in year 6 🥹.

    1. Iqra

      Me too 🥹🥹

  4. Mishal N.

    Miss there is no video.

    1. Mrs Morris

      Thanks for letting us know, Mishal. It should be there now.

  5. Marley H.

    Sorry I can’t come today I’m sad that I’m leaving but good bye
    Love this school keep shining

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