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Year1 Homework Spring2 Week2 (10.03.2023)


Please choose two items to complete.


24 responses to “Year1 Homework Spring2 Week2 (10.03.2023)”

  1. Grace C.

    Grace has done her homework

  2. Martyna Z.

    I done all my homework

  3. Ziad H.

    I have finished my Education City homework and scored 100% on both and wrote it down in my book.

  4. Rayyan R.

    Rayyan has completed all his homework.100% in both the games and wow challenge has been completed in the yellow book.

  5. Elham S.

    Elijah has done his maths and English!

  6. Ebrar Y.

    Ebrar done homework

  7. Rabia S.

    Rabia has done her homework on education city and has practised her spellings.

  8. Ayaad H.

    Ayaad has completed his homework.

  9. Hosanna N.

    I have completed my homework on education city and practiced spellings. I will do wow activity today when my teacher gives me my yellow book.

  10. Ameya Ramdas

    Ameya has completed her homework – Mathematics, Literacy, Wow and Reading.

  11. Faith A.

    Faith has completed all active in education city mathematics and English and Challenge, spelling not done yet, because she left her homework book at school.

  12. Iyla H.

    iyla has finished her homework

  13. Iyla H.

    iyla has completed her homework

  14. Gaira M.

    Mustafa did his homework

  15. Aaron R.

    Aaron has completed maths and literacy tasks. Support needed with maths.

  16. Amelia B.

    Amelia has completed both Education City tasks as the two pieces as homework.
    Chasing Waterfalls-100%
    Farm Market-100%
    Amelia has also practiced her spellings.

  17. Rishaan C.

    My toys is made out of fabric , cotton, plastic and metal.

  18. Rishaan C.

    I done my homework.

  19. Fareha H.

    Fareha completed her homework

  20. Adam K.

    Adam has completed mathematics, wow and literacy homework. Adam has also been reading his reading book and learning his spelling words everyday

    1. Mrs J Patel

      Well done Adam. I hope you get 10 out of 10 in your spellings.

  21. Abdullah S.

    Abdullah completed his Mathematics & Literacy homework.

  22. Miracle O.

    I love spelling✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍👍👍❤❤

    1. Mrs J Patel

      Miracle make sure you complete your Homework too. Thank you .

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