1W Well-being day and Stay & Play Week 4

Today has been truly lovely! We have played games, get green thumbs and got crafty with some of our parents and siblings during stay and play! In this video only some of the clips and pictures were taken by Miss Matthias and Mrs Patel, the children recored and took the majority of them. ☺️ We […]

1Whites Numeracy Day!

Wow! What a fantastic day we have had! From active maths position and direction to measuring and more! We have had a truly wonderful mathematical day! Here is a short video of what the children got up to: I have been so impressed with the children’s work and efforts today! They enhanced some of their […]

Stay and play week 3

This week our focus for stay and play was phonics! we looked at the different ways you can help your children with their phonics at home. From games on a tablet to creating your own alien words and even listing as many words as you can for different sounds. as always it was a pleasure […]

1W A retelling of Little Red Riding Hood.

This week the children had to rewrite the story of Little Red Riding Hood in their english lessons. It was absolutely lovely reading back the work they had written! Here is a video some of the children reading their work: Challenge: Can you tell me what you think the wolf did AFTER the story ended?

1 White Marble Runs!

This week in 1w we created out very own marble runs! We have been experimenting with the best materials to use. We came to the conclusion that whatever it is, it has to be smooth! Please enjoy this video of the children talking about their creations! Challenge: If you were to make a marble run […]

1W Stay & Play Wk2

This week at stay & play we created headbands for the children to wear during out Eid assembly next week! it was so lovely again to have parents in the classroom helping their little ones get creative! Thank you so much for a lovely afternoon 😊 we can not wait till next week!


How our needs change as we grow. This week in PSHE we listened to a story called “Once There Were Giants” we then spoke to our friends about the different things we may have needed when we were babies, now that were bigger and what we want to do with our lives when we grow […]

1W Stay and Play 29.04.2022

What a wonderful time to be alive that we are able to have Stay and play sessions again! This week we have started to create some artwork for our Eid assembly on 12.05.2022. Below is a little clip of what we got up to. It was lovely having some of your parents here this week […]

1White Summer 1 Homework.

Hello 1W. Here is your homework for Summer 1. Please make sure you complete 2 activities. Please can you send in homework books by Tuesday each week, so we can give your child personalised homework to ensure rapid progress. Education City link: https://go.educationcity.com Reading challenge Maths Challenge Do you want to be a superstar speller? […]

1W Easter message!

Hello to all the wonderful children and parents of 1W! I hope you have been enjoying your Easter break and if you were celebrating I hope you had a lovely Easter Sunday! If you did celebrate Easter yesterday what did you get? If you did not celebrate Easter can you share something that you have […]

Health and well-being week in 1W!

This week will be jam packed with lots of different activities for the children to really focus on their personal health and well-being! It’s going to be Blooming Brilliant! On Monday we started our week by talking positively about each other!the children loved hearing what their friends had to sat about one another and it […]

Plastic Bottles

Good afternoon 1W! If you have any empty plastic water bottles please bring one or two into school tomorrow. 😊we have some already but could do with a couple more. Thank you in advance, Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

St John’s Museum.

What a fantastic day we have had today at St John’s museum! We have learnt so much from doing the laundry for the master of the house to experiencing life as a victorian student! Challenge: Can you tell me what your favourite part of the day was?

1W well-being day

What a lovely day we had with 1W this wellbeing day was jam packed with swimming, active maths, card making and food technology! We loves these days and seeing the children let their creativity grow! we hope you enjoy this video.

1W’s Search for Fred!

Today in we were struck with some awful news! Our beloved Fred had gone missing! we searched high and low for our little friend and finally found him in a vine of a tree! thanks to our super readers we were able to follow the clues to Fred. Challenge: If you were going to hide […]

1W Fruit Tasting.

On Friday we had a lovely afternoon trying lots if different types if fruit that we will use to make fruit kebabs in the weeks to come. We loved trying all the different fruits and sharing the excitement with out friends at out tables. We tried Kiwi, pineapple, peach, honeydew melon, watermelon and lime. It […]

1W Old and New build houses!

This week we went on a walk to see the old and new build houses by Foleshil road. The children really enjoyed seeing the differences between the houses that we used to build compared to the houses we build now! Challenge: Why don’t new build houses have chimneys can you remember?

1White’s World Book Day!

What a day it has been! Our focus book today was ’The tiger who came to tea’ by Judith Kerr. Throughout the day the children took part in lots of different activities based around out book. From drawing and painting, making their own sandwiches and rice crispy cakes and having an afternoon tea with their […]