Nursery Yearly Overview

TermTopicsCommunication & LanguagePSEDPhysical DevelopmentLiteracy Reading & WritingMathematics NumberSSMThe WorldEUMMWow Opportunities
Autumn 1All about Me and My WorldListening in small groups
Begins to use talk when pretending
Settling into our new environment
What are rules?
To make friends and develop relationships.
Developing control.
Beginning to handle equipment and tools.
Learning about healthy diets.
Beginning to manage their own hygiene and personal needs.
Developing giving meanings to things they draw.
Handles books carefully.
Look at books independently
Shows an interest in numbers.
Counts by rote.
Counts things that cannot be moved like jumps or claps.
Beginning to represent numbers with fingers.
What is a shape?
Making shape arrangements.
Develop an understanding of time-based events.
Who am I?
What are my likes and dislikes?
Talk about themselves and members of their family.
Manipulating materials.
Forest School
Autumn 2Light and DarkWhat is light and what is dark?
What gives us light?
Looking at the changes of Autumn.
Pattern making.
Explore how sound can be changed.
Describing textures.
Forest School
Spring 1Traditional Tales & RhymesUses and understands humour.
Can follow a story with no props or pictures.
Uses vocabulary focused on objects.
Feelings and EmotionsMaking marks using a range of media and giving meaning.
Handling equipment and a range of writing tools.
Learning about healthy diet and exercise.
Beginning to be independent in self-care
Links sounds to letters, naming and sounding the letters of the alphabet.
Giving meanings to marks as they draw.
Selects the correct numerals to represent 1-5.
Counts out up to 6 from a set of objects.
Touch counts.
Order digits.
Shapes in the environment.
Looking at different sizes.
Shows an interest in different ways of life.
Interacts with age appropriate software.
Musical Instruments.
Singing favourite songs.
Dancing and moving rhythmically.
Visit the local library.
Spring 2People in the CommunityRoles in the community:
To construct with a purpose in mind using a range of construction materials.Firefighters Visit
Summer 1Living and GrowingBeginning to understand what and why questions.I can play with others around me and initiate conversations.Developing control and coordination of movement.
Handling equipment and tools, including for writing.
To show an understanding of how healthy eating and exercise.
Managing their own hygiene and personal needs.
Hears and says initial sounds in words.
Links sounds to letters, naming and sounding the letters of the alphabet.
Writes own name.
Selects the correct numerals to represent 1-5 and 1-10.
Use counting on and number knowledge for simple addition (set making).
Prepositional language.
Let’s describe shapes.
Observing changes in plants.
Caring for our world.
We can create models.Animal Visit
Summer 2TravellingLooking at different forms of transport.Hoar Farm