Nursery Yearly Overview

TermTopicsCommunication & LanguagePSEDPhysical DevelopmentLiteracy
Reading & Writing
SSMThe WorldEUMMWow Opportunities
Autumn 1All about Me and My World• Listening in small groups
• Begins to use talk when pretending.
• Settling into our new environment.
• What are rules?
• To make friends and develop relationships.
•Developing control.
•Beginning to handle equipment and tools.
• Learning about healthy diet.
•Beginning to manage their own hygiene and personal needs.
•Developing giving meanings to things they draw.
• Handles books carefully.
• Looks at books independently
• Shows an interest in number.
• Counts by rote
• Counts things that cannot be moved like jumps or claps
• Beginning to represent numbers with fingers.
• What is a shape?
• Making shape arrangements.
• Develop an understanding of time based events.
• Who am I?
• What are my likes and dislikes?
•Talk about themselves and members of the family.
• Portraits
•Manipulating materials.
Forest School
Autumn 2Light and Dark• What is light and what is dark?
• What gives us light.
• Looking at the changes of Autumn.
• Pattern making.
• Explores how sound can be changed.
•Describing textures.
Spring 1Traditional Tales & Rhymes• Uses and understands humour.
• Can follow a story with .no props or pictures.
• Uses vocabulary focused on objects.
Feelings and Emotions.• Making marks using a range of media and giving meaning.
• Handling equipment and a range of writing tools.
• Learning about healthy diet and exercise.
•Beginning to be independent in self-care
•Links sounds to letters, naming and sounding the letters of the alphabet.
• Giving meanings to marks as they draw.
• Selects the correct numerals to represent 1-5.
•Counts out up to 6 from a set of objects.
• Touch counts.
•Order digits.
• Shapes in the environment.
• Looking at different sizes.
• Shows an interest in different ways of life.
• Interacts with age appropriate software.
• Role-play.
• Musical Instruments.
• Singing favourite songs.
•Dancing and moving rhythmically.
Visit the local library.
Spring 2People in the Community• Roles in the community:
• Vets
• Dentists
• Nurses
• To construct with a purpose in mind using a range of construction materials.Firefighters Visit
Summer 1Living and Growing.• Beginning to understand what and why questions.• I can play with others around me and initiate conversations.•Developing control and coordination of movement.
• Handling equipment and tools, including for writing. • To show an understanding of how healthy eating and exercise.
• Managing their own hygiene and personal needs.
• Hears and says initial sounds in words.
•Links sounds to letters, naming and sounding the letters of the alphabet.
• Writes own name.
• Selects the correct numerals to represent 1-5 and 1-10.
• Use counting on and number knowledge for simple addition (set making).
•Prepositional language.
• Let’s describe shapes.
• Observing changes in plants.
• Caring for our world.
• We can create models.Animal Visit
Summer 2Travelling• Looking at different forms of transport.Hoar Farm