🌟 RB Homework Gallery Summer 2, Week 4 🌟

Welcome to your super homework gallery RB! Remember all homework needs to be sent into the email by Wednesday! 😊

Maths Week 4: Use of shapes to create a boat

Literacy Week 4: Develop your handwriting

WOW Week 4 : Floating and sinking

Maths Week 3: Solving sums

Literacy Week 3: Writing sh words

WOW Week 3: Create a form of transport

Maths Week 2: Make a tally of how many cars you saw

Literacy Week 2: Draw a picture and write a sentence about a form of transport

Wow Week 2: Practice doing your buttons

Maths Week 1: Create a number line using numbers from magazines/newspaper

Literacy Week 1: Write some CVC words

WOW Week 1: Make a list of vehicles that you can find in your home


  1. Good morning Mrs Watkins..I have sent Hatim’s work,thats included all three of this week on Sunday but I can’t see any of them on the blog..please if you can check πŸ™‚

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