Victorian Day in 2R!

2R have really enjoyed their Victorian Day today! There was plenty of cleaning, hard work, disgusting gruel and super outfits! We learnt a great deal about what life was like for Victorian people. Have a look at our video below to see what we got up to! What was your favourite part of Victorian Day?How […]

⭐️2Red Spelling Superstars Week 3 ⭐️

Hello 2Red! Your weekly super spellers will be displayed on this blog every Friday. Remember to practice your spellings everyday ready for our spelling test on Friday! Well done to these children who scored 9/10 and 10/10 on their week 3 spellings! ⭐️ Well done to all these children who scored 10/10 on their Week […]

Practical Maths in 2Red 🔢🧮

Today we had lots of fun participating in some practical maths activities. We have been focusing on adding three one-digit numbers together. We have used twenty frames, counters, dienes and digital games to help us. Take a look at our pictures below. Challenge Can you complete some of these sums at home, what could you […]

RB’s Everywhere Dog! 🐶

This week we have been learning about the story ’The Everywhere Bear’. Today Reception Blue made their own story called ’The Everywhere Dog!’ Please watch our super video below, we had a great time making it (and everywhere dog had a great time too!) Please leave us a comment telling us what your favourite part […]

Reception Wellbeing Day

We have had such a lovely wellbeing day! The children took part in lots of different fun activities to support their health and wellbeing. Have a look below to see what we got up to! To learn the importance of keeping our teeth clean. To understand the importance of honesty and telling the truth, even […]

🧁 Cake Making in RB! 🧁

As part of our D&T week we made some amazing cakes today! We have been talking about making some cakes for the Gruffalo. We wrote a list of the ingredients we needed and designed our cakes previously. Have a look at our lovely pictures below! First we had lots of fun mixing the ingredients and […]

📚RB’s Favourite Stories📚

Today we talked about our favourite stories! We talked about why they were our favourite, which characters we liked and how the stories made us feel. Please watch our lovely video below to see what we said! 😊 Please leave us a comment to tell us what your favourite story to read at home is!

❄️ RB’s Winter Walk ❄️

Today we had lots of fun going on a little winter walk outside to explore the snow! We talked about how the weather had changed and we also did a winter hunt outside to see if we could find different objects! Please watch our video below to see all the fun we had! What was […]

🌟 Reception Blue Homework Gallery Week 4! 🌟

Hello Reception Blue! Welcome to your super home learning gallery. This is where all of your super pictures and videos will be shown! Remember your homework needs to be sent in by Wednesdays! Maths Homework Week 4: Make a pictorial number line Literacy Homework Week 4: Make a alphabet strip m-z WOW Homework Week 4: […]

🌟 Monday in RB! 🌟

Today we have had a super fun day in RB! Please look at our videos below to see what we have been up to! Topic Work As part of our SEAL work in topic today we have been talking about good behavior in school. We talked about ways we can show our good behavior, please […]

☀️ Marvellous Monday in RB! ☀️

We have had a wonderful day in RB today! This morning as part of our school rules and routines topic we talked about our rules and routines when we are playing outside. We talked about lining up nicely, listening to the teachers, sharing and helping to set up and tidy up the areas. Please have […]