1 White – PSHE Making correct choices

Today, we acted out different scenarios and how to make the correct choices. We had a dilemma and had to think about what we would do if we found money in the playground. Should we: Spend it ? Save it? Hand it in?

We then had a discussion on what we should do with the money.

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3 responses to “1 White – PSHE Making correct choices”

  1. Jasmine P.

    It’s really good learning

  2. Aqsa S.

    Thank you so much for making Aqsa study about the good behaviour. Appreciate it. Much love!!

    1. Mrs J Patel

      Aqsa we are very proud of you because you always make the right choice.
      You are Blooming Brilliant Broadheath citizen.
      Thank you mum for your comment and support.

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