Great handwriting in Year 5

Well done to Marwa! Looking at her work, she is forming her letters accurately and joining accurately. Marwa also has taken care with her presentation in every piece of work and this has supported the progress she has made. Great job!

Year 6 Trip to Dovedale

It is with good news that all of the Year 6 children will be visiting Dovedale. The overnight stay will not be happening but the day trip will happen on Thursday 8th October 2020. The trip will cost only £10.00 each and is due for payment as soon as possible and by the morning of […]

Describe the location around school

Today in 1 Blue, we walked around the school to become familiar with the school’s location. We identified key features around the school and used prepositional language to describe the location. Have a look at the video to see what we have learnt and experienced around school.

Saturday Club for Year 3 children cancellation

Good morning everyone. Well done for all of the Year 3 children attending the Saturday clubs for the past two weeks! I am afraid for only the Year 3 children, the club will be cancelled. We are very sorry for the inconvenience. This will be in effect from this Saturday. Any problems, please speak to […]

Saturday Club – Autumn 1

Well done to everyone who has attended Saturday Club! It has been great to see children and adults having fun and learning! These sessions are free and supports children in a range of learning. For example: reading, maths, writing, speaking and listening, drama, art, PE and social skills! Have a look at some of the […]

Year 6 Wellbeing Day – 18.09.20

The purpose of the day is for children to focus on building skills to support and enhance their wellbeing. This day is designed to enhance skills which allow our children in becoming resilient, determined and driven young adults. *All children must wear their correct PE kits (Blue BH t-shirt and appropriate footwear).*All children must have […]

Year 6 Spellings – Autumn 1 2020

Welcome to Year 6 everyone. We are all looking forward to working with you this year and helping you to achieve your full potential. Here are your Spellings for Autumn 1. Please spend time learning them and try to use them in your work. Good luck Year 6 team.

Key messages – Year 6

Well done for a GREAT first week back! The learning and behaviour has been excellent. Well done to Year 6! Your homework for this week is : reading, reading journal work, TTRS and blog work. The homework for autumn 1 will be all online as compared to previous years. You all need to bring in […]

Important information

Before School  To help with organisation and safety in the morning, please may we ask that you only arrive at the school gates between the allocated arrival times. For example Reception children should arrive between 8.30 and 9.00. These allocated times should allow you to drop off siblings – for example if you have a child […]

Welcome to Year 6!

Good morning everyone! I hope everyone has had a lovely summer and are looking forward to being back to school. We know with the COVID 19 Pandemic has created many challenges for all of us but being back at school will be an excellent opportunity to get back together with our friends and teachers and […]

Welcome to Year 6 Everyone!

Dear future Year 6 Children, The new staff in Year 6 have made a video to introduce who they are and what kind of things they enjoy doing. There are many wonderful adults in year 6 that will help you through the year. Here is the video: In this video, I have shared key expectations […]

Summer work – Year 6

Well done to Hadisa for sending and completing work to us over the summer holiday! A big well done! This shows you are dedicated and motivated. Because of this, I am sure you will do really well in high school. If anyone else has any work, please send and we will upload. Well done again […]

Goodbye 6 Red

It goes without say, you are a great class! We are all going to miss you. We have made a video to end the year and say goodbye. Please stay in touch and look after yourselves during the holiday. Take care, Mr Patel, Mrs Hurt and Ms Kaur

Year 6 14.07.20 – Why you should visit Coventry

Today we would like you to persuade people why they should visit Coventry. Use the pictures, links and videos to support your writing. You may present this in any format you would like. This could be a persuasive letter, a poster or a brochure. You can type it on to the blog or send your […]

Year 6 Coventry City 1987 – FA Cup Final

In 1987, Coventry City won the FA Cup final. This was a great day for everyone who lived in Coventry. The final itself was full of tension and drama and eventually Coventry City beat Tottenham Hotspur. Activity 1: Watch the videos and read the articles linked to this blog. I want you to write the […]


The winners again were 6 Red! Well done! There is another challenge today! 6 Read are leading by 3 to ZERO! Come on 6 Blue and 6 White! Let’s see if you can catch up! Two days left for this week!

TTRS – Year 6 07.07.20

Challenge Day 2 I have set up another challenge between the classes today! 6 Red were the winners yesterday. Today, I would love to see more of you take part! Remember, in life, it is so easy to sit on ‘your backside’ and not take part. Make sure you TAKE PART! A GREAT LIFE SKILL! […]

Year 6 – Calculator problems 07.07.20

Good morning again! This is our second day on calculator problems! Not many children completed the questions from yesterday but hopefully today will be different. Remember you need a calculator. Write down how you have got on and what you have found out! Enjoy! Activity 1 Activity 2

Year 6 – TTRS Challenge! 06.07.20

Good morning everyone! There is a TTRS challenge between all of the classes today! Who will be the winner? 6B? 6W? or 6R? Please log on to your account and select the challenges! Remember, the more you play and the faster you are, the better chance your class will be winners! Good luck! Here are […]

Year 6 – 06.07.20 Maths use of a calculator

This week we will be giving you skills to practise using a calculator. As you enter Secondary school and the work place, you will be asked to work out more complex calculations. These tasks will help you to enhance your skills in this area. You will need a calculator. This can be a physical calculator […]

Young Writers – Year 6

If you remember, many of you entered the OUT OF THIS WORLD Young Writers competition. It is my pleasure that many of you have been chosen to be published. If you would like to be published and buy this book, I have letters for you to collect from school. The following children have been chosen: […]

Video calls

Good afternoon everyone, Well done for those of you who are attending these great video calls with your teachers. These are a great tool to continue our learning during this lockdown. If you haven’t been part of these calls, please join next time! It has come to our attention that some children are being silly […]