Drayton Manor

Dear all, We are very fortunate at Broad Heath with the amount of opportunities our children have throughout the year. Later this term, we will be visiting Drayton Manor. All of the information can be found on the attached letter. Please read the letter and return the money to school ASAP – by the end […]

Great role models

Well done to Habiba, Ryan, Asia and Zeynab! These children are really working hard towards their SATs. Not only this, these children have been impressing in their social skills too! What great role models! I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday. Stay safe.

Ministry of Chocolate in 6 Red

What a morning! We learnt about the history of chocolate and how it is produced. In addition to this, we analysed the composition of chocolate and its effect on us. We also designed our own chocolate! What did you enjoy about about the visit? What new information did you learn?

Staying safe on the streets

Stay safe Street crime is often opportunistic, so making yourself less of a target, moving with purpose and being aware of your surroundings will go a long way to keeping you safe. Here’s where you’ll discover more tips on how to stay safe and feel more confident when out and about. Be prepared Plan your […]

WBD in 6 Red

Wow, what a day! We loved the outfits and we were proud that everyone dressed up today! We did a range of work today which included: Drama which displayed a range of emotions Creating descriptive sentences on a scene from the book Maths problem solving Speaking and listening activities We were impressed by your ability […]

Premier Reading Stars

A new and fantastic club will be taking place for keen boys in Year 6. These children will be using football as an inspiration to develop their reading knowledge. This will take place every week in the school time for 10 sessions.P Please find attached the resources for the first session: Think about your goals […]

Young Writers – Poetry Patrol

Well done to all of the year 2 children who entered the Young Writers competition. We had many children who were successful and got chosen to be published! Wow! What an achievement! There will be other competitions later in the year. If you did not enter previously, you will get another chance. I hope to […]

Saturday School 2019

Good morning, Saturday School will start this week for 6 weeks. So what do we want you to gain? 1-Your self confidence to improve. It will be fun so enjoy! 2- Start using these sessions as preparation for secondary schools. We would like you to walk to school and leave school independently. This means you […]

World Book Day 2019

World Book Day – Thursday 7th March Next week, we will be celebrating World book day. We have decided to use the same book as last year – Flotsam by David Wiesner. There were many fun learning opportunities that we did not have time for last year so this will enable us to explore the […]

Music week in 6 Red

Finally! I have managed to get this video published! I apologise for the time it has taken but I had so many issues with songs being copyrighted and having to get the correct permission! You tube kept on banning the video! I managed to find alternative versions of some the songs but this means some […]

Don’t stop believing in the style of 6 Red

Well, what can we say….wow! This week has been great! Your effort and enthusiasm has been exemplary and the quality of work and fun has been amazing. You have all gained this week and you should use these skills and experience to take with you to tackle any challenges. So proud! Enjoy the fantastic video!

80s dress up in Year 6

Next Wednesday (13th February), we will have the opportunity to dress up in the style and fashion from the 1980s. If you are struggling to find things for this day, please talk to your class adult on Monday and we can help you. It would be great if everyone would dress up for this day! […]

The Greatest Showman

As part of our learning in music week, we will be watching The Greatest Showman this Friday. This is a great film that showcases and celebrates diversity and tolerance – a great way to promote British Values within the Broad Heath School and the community. Any questions, please speak to your class teacher.

Write it competition – Year 5 & 6

Dear all, There is a fantastic opportunity open to Year 5 and 6 children. The prizes are amazing! Please read below to find out how you can enter. your first draft can be checked by your teacher so we can give you a few tips on how to improve. Good luck and let us know […]

Music week – Which song will you choose?

As part of our learning in music week, we would like you to work in small groups and choose one of the 80s songs from below. We would like you to sing part of the song for approximately 20 seconds. This will be added to our class video blog at the end of the week. […]

Designing Bridges

Please use the above PDF to support your work designing and building bridges. Think carefully about how you can strengthen each joint. Remember the aim is for your bridge to carry the most weight. Good luck.

Speed Readers

Remember that you can use this great resource at home too! We have used this resource for a while now but please use it at home too! Here is the link and password if you have forgotten what it is. UN: Broadheath1 Password: !Password This can and should be used as part of you reading […]

Young writers in Year 6

Well done to these children! These children put a lot of effort in entering the Young Writers competition – well done! Because the quality was high, they got chosen and got published in an actual book! Very proud!

6 Red Jungle Book description

For the past several weeks, we have been looking at descriptive writing in English. Using The Jungle Book as a stimulus, we wrote descriptive sentences about the jungle. Have a look and see what you think. Can you write down any strong examples of description about the setting or any of the animals? This can […]

6 Red Afghanistan

This week has been an amazing experience! We have learnt lots of things about Afghanistan. Some of the areas of learning included: Afghan cooking Sport in Afghanistan Afghanistan culture History in Afghanistan Learning to speak to Dari and Pashtu Geographical features of Afghanistan and much more! What did you enjoy in the week? What did […]

Young writers in Year 6

These children have done extremely well in their writing this term. These children entered a competition and were chosen to be published in a book with other entries across England. Well done! Very proud.

Being healthy in Year 6

In our last week of term, we will be carrying out a range of activities to help us to become healthier.  Everyday in our classes, we will be having a competition. In the morning and in the afternoon, you will have 2 minutes to do as many star jumps (this can be something else if […]

Problem solving in 5 Red

Today in 5 Red, we have been looking at solving problems in maths. These problems were challenging and made us think about the learning we have used this term.  We used the RUCSAC method to help us solve these problems. 

Alma – Descriptive writing

This week, we have looked at descriptive writing and how to make our writing interesting and imaginative to the audience. We created our own figurative phrases to use to describe the opening scene of a short animation, Alma.  We experimented with adjectives and adverbs to see how it changed the style and impact for the […]

Dealing with difficult situations

This week, we will be looking at how to resolve a range of tricky situations. Please write down how you will deal with the following issues: You have forgot your homework. What do you do? Someone on your table is upsetting another child. What do you do? You are put in a group that you […]

Building dens in Reception White

Today, children have been looking at how dens are built. We looked at a range of materials that is needed for this.  Some of the materials we used were: fabric, paper, card, leaves, twigs and cardboard. We had to make the den dark inside so no light could get through. Using the following words helped […]

Rising stars – Year 6

Dear all, This is the link to access the reading homework on Rising Stars. One reading activity must be done by every child in year 6 every week.  Any problems, please let your adults know.