Political speech in 6 Red

Today in 6 Red, children used their persuasive writing from this week to create a speech about chocolate! Children had the opportunity to use persuasion skills for children in year 6 to eat chocolate in lesson time. Here are some examples of speaking and listening that the children created! WELL DONE!

Keeping fit in 6 Red

Today in 6 Red, children have been learning about how exercise can help us keep healthy. Children carried out structured research to learn about keeping healthy. Afterwards, children worked in small teams to create short fitness videos to support children working out at home. Well done for everyone for working successfully and having a great […]

Year 6 Return

Good morning, everyone! Well done for a GREAT first week back. The children’s learning and attitude has been excellent. Much of the learning is back to normal with more of a focus on the children’s wellbeing. The playtime and lunchtime routine has been working well and there is nothing to worry about. The adults in […]

Year 6 Welcome back

We are looking forward to seeing you all in school on Monday! It will be great to see everyone together. Here are a few messages to help us next week: Please read https://www.broadheath.coventry.sch.uk/arrangements-for-reopening/ blog for information about next week PE is on Tuesday so please come to school in your PE kits Please bring in […]

Passports of Kindness

KS2 children who are currently in school have had access to a fantastic project linked to Coventry – City of Culture 2021. This is the PASSPORTS OF KINDNESS project. We are only one of two schools that are taking part in this great opportunity. The Passports of Kindness project will see the children, who are […]

Homework book

Dear all, Well done to many children who are working really hard whilst at home and thank you parents for supporting. Another well done for the staff at school who are doing a great job at supporting all of the children at BH. For those of you who have finished your homework book and would […]

After school clubs – spring 2021

Good morning all, Due to the recent changes in COVID 19 advice from the Government and Local Authority, we have decided that all after school clubs will be cancelled immediately for spring 1 2021. We apologise if you have signed up for a club and if this causes any inconvenience, but we hope you understand […]

Dare 25

Good morning everyone! Starting on Friday 8th January for 10 hour long sessions, Year 6 will receive quality lessons to supplement their PSHE learning. This exciting DARE 25 programme is a 10 week course for Year 6 pupils which teaches children about making healthy and safe choices. These sessions will give basic information about drugs […]


This is a reminder to all parents and carers to ensure they are parking safely and in appropriate places. We have concerned parents share that there have been some near misses before and after school recently. If you are dropping off or picking up your child, please ensure you are being safe and responsible at […]

Grammar show activities

Good morning, I hope you enjoyed the grammar show you watched on Zoom yesterday. Please find attached activities to complete. You can also use this as revision throughout the year. Make sure you have a go! We have two more shows tomorrow for certain year groups. Hope you enjoy! KS2 links https://www.thepunctuationshow.com/quiz/terms/auxiliarywerbs/ https://www.thepunctuationshow.com/quiz/terms/progressive/ https://www.thepunctuationshow.com/quiz/terms/perfect/ https://www.thepunctuationshow.com/quiz/terms/activepassive/ […]

BBC CWR part 2

Well done to Anis and Inaaya for being on BBC CWR this week. As part of the Star School show, these children were interviewed several times week. You did a great job! In addition to this, they recorded their short report this morning with Tom (a reporter from the BBC), where they spoke about the […]

Social Media

Dear Parents/Carers, We are becoming increasingly concerned about the behaviour of some Year 6 Pupils. When you signed the Home/ School Contract, it stated that we would contact you if we had any concerns and that ALL children should be using the internet safely and following our values. It has been reported that some children […]

Writing in 6 Blue!

Wow! What can I say. I have had an excellent week with 6 Blue! During maths and science week, you have produced some excellent work – wow! One piece of work I was very impressed with was the cross curricular writing we carried out. The Amazon Rainforest setting description which links to our big question, […]

BH – Star School on the BBC!

Dear Year 6, We would like to choose two children to be on BBC Coventry & Warwickshire Radio in the week beginning 9th November. We need two confident children who are able to speak clearly about BH and all of the wonderful things we do to support children, family and the community. This is a […]

Year 6 timings – Autumn 2

Good afternoon everyone! Well done for a great half term everyone! Lots of progress has been made by all of the children. Thank you parents for all of your support this term – much appreciated. After half term, the time for Year 6 to begin school will be 8.25am. This will give time for children […]

Wellbeing Day – Year 6 Part 2!

Good afternoon! Our next Wellbeing day will be on Monday 19th October. Again, we will be building children’s skills to become resilient and determined learners. Teachers will be carrying out a range of learning to support the children’s wellbeing. *All children must wear their correct PE kits (Blue BH t-shirt and appropriate footwear) and come […]

Mr Patel’s Saturday School

This week we looked at the fictional planet called Pandora from the film Avatar. We watched a short film on this planet and we learnt information about the planet and its fauna. We examined different clause types that can be used to describe the planet and its creatures. To ensure we made progress, we had […]

Van Halen

Eddie Van Halen, considered one of rock music’s greatest guitar players and a founding member of the hugely successful rock band named after him and his drummer brother, died of cancer on Tuesday. He was 65. His music left a huge impression on many people with making some excellent music. Have a listen to their […]

Saturday School – Mr Patel’s group

During the past few weeks, we have been beginning our sessions with a bit of exercise to get us ready for the morning. After this, we based our learning around an animation. Today’s animation was called Francis. We watched the film and carried out a range of learning activities based on this film. This included: […]

Year 6 Trip to Dovedale

It is with good news that all of the Year 6 children will be visiting Dovedale. The overnight stay will not be happening but the day trip will happen on Thursday 8th October 2020. The trip will cost only £10.00 each and is due for payment as soon as possible and by the morning of […]

Great handwriting in Year 5

Well done to Marwa! Looking at her work, she is forming her letters accurately and joining accurately. Marwa also has taken care with her presentation in every piece of work and this has supported the progress she has made. Great job!

Describe the location around school

Today in 1 Blue, we walked around the school to become familiar with the school’s location. We identified key features around the school and used prepositional language to describe the location. Have a look at the video to see what we have learnt and experienced around school.

Saturday Club for Year 3 children cancellation

Good morning everyone. Well done for all of the Year 3 children attending the Saturday clubs for the past two weeks! I am afraid for only the Year 3 children, the club will be cancelled. We are very sorry for the inconvenience. This will be in effect from this Saturday. Any problems, please speak to […]