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1Blue – Bonfire FUN!

Today, for History, the children learned about the consequence of Guy Fawkes’ plot. The children shared their views on King James as well as Guy Fawkes. They both did very unfair things is the conclusion we came to. The children experienced their very own Bonfire by toasting marshmallows on a real fire!

What did Guy Fawkes and the other plotters plan to do? Why?


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  1. Guy Fawkes wanted to blow up all of the houses because he wanted to kill the king and become rich . I enjoyed roasting the marshmallows and eating them .

  2. WOW year one what a lovely history lesson. Thanks to Mr.Mahmood
    For letting us all experience this event. You all look so confident near the fire and keeping safe too. Hope you all enjoyed your marshmallows too.