1W Autumnal Walk

Our Science unit this half term is all about Seasons. This week we went on a walk around school to look for signs of Autumn.


What did we find on our scavenger hunt?
What changes do we see in Autumn?
What is the weather like in Autumn?


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  1. We find different coloure of leaves falling down from trees.
    in autumn all the leaves fell down from trees and leaves got different coloures like orange,yellow and brown.
    Autumn weather is cold,windy and wet.

  2. We found different colour leaves brown, yellow, red and orange. The leaves fall from the trees. It’s windy, cold and wet in Autumn. I had fun finding different colours and different size leaves🥶🍃🍂🌲

  3. I found different colour of leaves they were red , yellow, brown
    In autumn all the leaves get down that’s the changes in autumn
    It’s chilly whether in autumn

  4. WOW what do I like about this blog…
    Smiley faces

    Super learning

    Good understanding of vocabulary

    Mrs. Patel’s ABC always be creative