1W Well-being Day

What a fantastic end to the week we have had! Again, many times I have heard ‘this is the best day EVER’ and it is great to know how happy the children are.

This morning, we began with a gymnastics session which focused on balancing and rolling. The children gained many new skills and lots even mastered forward rolls and bridges. What talented children you are!

The children visited the forest area to create Picasso inspired portraits using natural items. They also took part in a ‘Go Find It’ game. They were fantastic!

The children also thought about what they are grateful for and learned some basic yoga poses. We focused on balance and having a positive mindset. We also listened to some calming music to help us produce some mindfulness artwork. We decorated a leaf using a cotton bud and paint in autumnal colours.

This afternoon, the children developed their teamwork games. They chose lots of different games and activities to play with their friends and teachers.

We also spent time to recognise each other’s positive qualities. Here are some of our kind thoughts about our friends…

Which activity made you feel happiest and why?

Can you tell me why somebody else in our class is fantastic?

5 thoughts on “1W Well-being Day

  1. I enjoyed playing jenga on well being day because its fun and i play at home too.
    I think kinza is special in our class because she helps me sometimes when i fall over in playground.

  2. We watched all these videos together and I must say Ilyas was smiling throughout! His joy made me so happy.

    Thank you for sharing these videos, it helps us parents see the activities you do that help the children develop their skills. I love the positive and creative tasks, so well done to all staff involved.

    Well done to all the children for such fab forward rolls, forest portraits and positive words for your friends.

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