2 Red Traditional Tales

What an exciting week we have had! First, we visited each Year 2 classroom to see a traditional tale being read and performed by the teachers. Next, we discussed the features of traditional tales, took notes and used these to create our own video highlighting the features Of traditional tales and finally, we actually went to the cinema to see a film. What a treat!  The children discussed the similarities and differences between the film and the traditional tales we shared in class. Take a look at our video.

Please answer the questions asked at the end of the video.

What is the title of your favourite traditional tale?  Can you identify any similarities between it and one of the films we watched? 

3 thoughts on “2 Red Traditional Tales

  1. They usually stat with once upon a time or a long time ago and end happelie ever after.
    there was a baddie in the film it was a wolf/ fox.
    there was a good character.

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