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  1. Congratulations 🥳 Mrs Frankish that you took care of every single child 🧒 in the school you did so hard that your school became 1st place of primary

  2. Heartfelt Congratulations to You Mrs Frankish. And a Big Thanks for making BroadHeath one of the best and most preferred primary schools in Coventry. I am new to Coventry, but I heard only “good” about BroadHeath so far. And my daughter like this school and the teachers a lot. I was thinking what’s making BroadHeath so special, I got the answer now! The faculties at BroadHeath are efficient and friendly. Above all, the school has a Super-efficient and Super-friendly head teacher in the driving seat! Kudos Captain 🧑‍✈️….I wish you good health and many more wonderful years at BroadHeath!

    • Wow, thank you. Thank you also for your community support, you will never know the difference you have made. Your endeavours have made a massive impact on many lives….thank you again.

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