3 Blues Fantastic Role Play 🎭

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  1. Aurora H.

    Everyone because there all good 👍

  2. Waniya Z.

    I read the book, and I love how they stole jewellery and crystals

  3. Waniya Z.

    My favourite one was Sara and Maryum and Lily, they are my favourite because it was really funny how they talked and how they said Ben you have to go. You don’t have a choice and Huda was so great because I liked how she said if you don’t go, I’ll drag you myself that was really funny because Hoda is actually really kind and nice but seeing her so rude made me laugh because she said I’m gonna drag Ben that’s the part that made me laugh really hard my heart was beating so much, because of that, even though I wasn’t there that still made me laugh because I saw my friends there, even if I wasn’t there
    And I liked Ella‘s, because how she act really good, and I liked eman and Iqra. They are really good as well. I have so many favourites. I can’t see all of them but these are my top favourites

  4. Zakir F.

    Adams was the best and I laughed so hard that I was choking 🤩🤩

    1. Hudaa M.

      Every body misses you .Bilal misses you the most he some times cry the want you to come back.

  5. Nichollas B.

    I think Adam did a best because his voice is loud and clear. He was the best one ever, but mine is not that super but is still good but your ones is great.

  6. Sara H.

    I liked Adams because it was very hilarious 🤣🤣

  7. Liliana S.

    The funniest one was Adam’s because I loved how he said worse this day everrrrrr.

  8. Adam A.

    Thanks Hudaa and Aesha for how kind you are

  9. Maryum N.

    I loved Sara’s the best because they were energetic and used body language and for the Gangsta Granny role play it was very fun I loved being the mom and saying to Ben . My favourite part was us working in groups of three and in hat lesson. Too at the same time but Alternatively I loved everything aswell I even enjoyed pretending too be Gangsta Granny and Gangsta Granny and Ben stealing jewels and crystals but stealing isn’t good at the same time too. But I enjoyed reading the paragraphs aswell, it was fun and exciting.but I think Ben had a horrible,appprensive day at Grannys just because she smelt of disgusting cabbage soup and garbage too but Ben still had too go. And the mom and dad dropped Ben off they didn’t even wait until they went inside which is very unsafe he could even get kidnapped and loved reading the book too that was my favourite English.

  10. Hudaa M.

    My favourite one is Adams becouse he is great at acting 👏 😀 😀 well done Adams group!

  11. Aesha M.

    Adam did a great job and he made me laugh so hard and everyone did a great job.

  12. Rahman A.

    You have to watch it

  13. Rahman A.

    Wow I bet stop laughing now it’s just so funny 😁 it was awesome

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