3 Blue’s Wonderful Art and Science Week

Wow what a wonderful week we’ve all had in 3 Blue. Me and Mrs Patel have had a fantastic time getting to know you all and are extremely happy we will be learning together and having fun all year round! This week we showcased our creative side by creating amazing pieces of Art. We learnt all about shadows and how to create shadows using torches. You then went onto creating your own puppet shows in groups which was marvellous to watch! Have a look at all the fantastic pictures below to see the fun we got up to in the week. Always reach for the stars with everything you do and never give up!

5 responses to “3 Blue’s Wonderful Art and Science Week”

  1. Max P.

    I liked it very much.

  2. Yusuf S.

    It was lots of fun making puppets and story-telling with my classmates.

  3. Mrs A Patel

    Well done 3Blue, you are all very creative and hardworking children and Mrs. Farooq and Mrs. Patel are very proud of you all. We both would like you all to make lots of progress in year 3 , so keep working hard and enjoy learning. Well done!

  4. Halimah K.

    Everybody did a great job I’m so proud 😀

    1. Mrs Farooq

      We are so proud of our class too :)
      Keep up the good work.

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