3 Red Using a spanish dictionary

This morning in Spanish we used a Spanish dictionary to play ‘look up’ . We used the English – Spanish section of the dictionary to look for certain words in Spanish. The children done amazing and found lots of words. We particularly looked at Spanish words for Animals, Fruit, Colours and Vegetables

Can you name any animals in Spanish?

Can you name any fruits in Spanish?

6 responses to “3 Red Using a spanish dictionary”

  1. Ella C.

    Zebra = centra
    Dog= Perro
    Cat= gato
    Lion= Leon
    Orange =naranja
    Red= rojo
    Blue = azul

  2. Maryam K.

    Zebra =cebra

  3. Liyana M.

    Dolphin = dolfin

  4. Liyana M.

    Zebra= cebra orange= naranja

  5. Roshaan K.

    Dog perro. Dolphin delphin. Donkey borro.
    Orange Naranja.

  6. Abdul A.

    I Love Spanish

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