3 Red’s Aspire Singing Trip

Yesterday 3 Red embarked on a lovely walk to the city centre, where we sang ’I love this city’ with multiple other schools and the writer of the song, Gareth Withers, at Broadgate. The children have been practising the song for weeks now and it was exciting to be able to perform it in front of an audience. The children showed brilliance and represented the school with pride, well done 3 Red.

4 thoughts on “3 Red’s Aspire Singing Trip

  1. c: we see Future in the stars 🌟
    o: Open a new tomorrow
    v: veering two tel trees 🌲
    E : with Eagle 👀
    N: we energise the avenues
    t : our teachers paint a brand new 🌈
    Y: for excellent design
    I love ❤️ this 🏙

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