3 Red’s final newspaper report ☺️

This last two weeks the children have been learning about the features of newspapers. Today we applied today their knowledge and imagination to create their own newspaper reports about Captain Hooks’s crimes. Read all about it!

5 responses to “3 Red’s final newspaper report ☺️”

  1. Khadija B.

    I loved when we did the handwriting and drawing in out books

  2. Sarah B.

    And also wow!😍🤩😀😀😀

  3. Sarah B.

    I loved the news paper report it was so fun.😊😍

  4. Liyana M.

    I learned how to write facts of a newspaper so thank you mrs Holland and mrs jeppicott❤️

  5. Ella C.

    I enjoyed it so much because I tried so hard to write the newspaper report

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