3Blue here you come! 3️⃣🔷

Good Afternoon to the fantastic 2 Blue. I am so excited to be finally uploading this new blog video below which reveals that I – Mrs Farooq will be your new teacher when you move to 3 Blue and Mrs Patel will be your LSA.
We are so thrilled to be welcoming you to 3 Blue and massively look forward to working with you all! We are going to have a super year of learning ahead and can’t wait to meet you all very soon! 3️⃣🔷

What are you most excited about in Year 3?

8 responses to “3Blue here you come! 3️⃣🔷”

  1. Hudaa M.

    I am excited to go in year 3 😄but I will miss my Mr Mahmoud and miss Bhango.

  2. Aesha M.

    I am so so excited for year 3

  3. Sara H.

    I am so excited for year 3 😊👍

  4. Yusuf A.

    I’m excited about meeting my new teachers. 👍

  5. Zakir F.

    3 blue is going to be a blast I hope were going to have nice displays !!!

  6. Bilal U.

    I am so excited about learning new things in year 3 because they are quite knowledgeable.

  7. Maryum N.

    I am very happy to see you Miss Faroq.

  8. Kayla P.

    I am excited for 3B

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