A Big Thank You!

Adeena and Mum

There has been a kind gesture in 1 Red that I would like to share with everyone. Adeena and mum have kindly contributed to our prize bowl. Mrs Walker and I share these prizes out at the end of the week to the winners of Dojo points. This is a great incentive for the children to encourage good behaviour and to make great progress in all areas. Adeena’s mum has not only made this gesture for 1 Red but has also made a contribution to our community and I feel this is fantastic! We do not expect gestures like this (as supporting us to help your children is the expectation) but we feel this gesture needed to be recognised. A great thank you from 1 Red!

5 thoughts on “A Big Thank You!

  1. I would like to say a sincere thank you to the staff at Broad Heath especially 1 Red and 4 Red for helping my children settle in.
    Especially Adeena’s remarkable progress, credit to the staff at Broad Heath.

    Adeena & Isa’s mum

  2. We have some very supportive parents at Broad Heath and its reflective through the commitment and help of parents with their children’s learning. Theses prizes at the end of the week mean so much to the children and I’m really proud of 1 Red. The children are all very supportive of their friends and celebrate their hard work throughout the week. Keep up the hard work 1 Red.

  3. You have not been at Broad Heath for very long but have already become an integral part of our school. Supportive parents is our aim and the progress that Adeena has already made shows that we have a great partnership.
    Thank you

  4. This is one great example of Broad Heaths Parent-Teacher partnership. Thank you Adeena’s mum for encouraging the children to do their best in order to win those wonderful prizes.

  5. A big thank you too,from Mrs Frankish for being a very supportive, kind and generous parent of a Broad Heath pupil. Your gesture will ensure many others have a nice time too. Remember what I say children if you give kindness, you will get kindness back.

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