Acts of Kindness

This week we had a special assembly and met the Kindness Coach. We listened well to him and he has set us a challenge, a 30 day one to show acts of kindness. Can you tell me :

EY/KS1 how you have been kind in school?

KS2- How have you shown kindness in the wider community other than school?


Come on lets all be fantastic BH Citizens and British ones! Good Luck.

82 responses to “Acts of Kindness”

  1. Aisha A.

    I use manners at lunch .
    I helped someone at break.
    I listen to the teacher.

    1. Maryum N.

      I use manners at lunch
      i listen to the teacher;

  2. Khadijah M.

    Khadijah: I use manners at lunch time.
    Madeeha: I use manners at lunch time break.

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