What do you think of the new smoothies?

28 responses to “All new smoothies”

  1. Lexi M.

    They look yummy

  2. Muhammad Y.

    It looks mesmerising

  3. Ameena I.

    The smoothies taste amazing!

  4. Aalya H.

    thank you so much thats very kind

  5. Aalya H.

    i liked the smoothie a bit and thank u so much.

  6. Malachy B.

    Mmmm they tasted so good

  7. Hudayfa A.

    They tasted delicious bon appetit.

  8. Nihal P.

    Please make 🍌 and 🍓 smoothies for year 4

  9. Tipian I.

    I tasted the mango it was nice

  10. Yunus R.

    I haven’t tasted any but they look nice 👍🏻

  11. Ibrahim M.

    They are very yummy

  12. Lawan R.

    I loved it and thank you for making it.

  13. Afsa P.

    They look like I am about to have a yummy yummy in my belly

  14. Sara K.

    Thank you for the smoothie

  15. Mustafa A.

    I loved it

  16. Tana I.

    I tasted the banana smoothie and it is scrumptious 😋 but I haven’t taste the other ones yet but it looks good

  17. Adam D.

    It was amazing

  18. Marwah K.

    The strawberry smoothie was delicious and I’ll say thank you for making them.

  19. Tinuola T.

    I have only tasted banana smoothie but I am sure they all taste delicious 😋

  20. Osas O.

    I haven’t tasted them but I think they taste really nice!

  21. Khadijah M.

    Me and my best friend Bethany are so happy!
    They look absolutely delicious!
    But how do you get them?

  22. Osato O.

    Their delicious and I really enjoyed them .

  23. Alima S.

    It tasted good.

  24. Sharon A.

    Yummy! 🥰

  25. Albert Q.

    I enjoyed it very much

  26. Aadam R.

    I really like the banana smoothie it was enjoyable

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