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Amazing spellers in 3R!😍

Well done to all of our Super Spellers who have been practicing their spellings this week and achieved 10/10πŸ‘πŸ» keep up the good work!😊 Well done to all the other children who were so close to getting 10/10 keep on practicing everyday and who knows next week it could be you😍😊. Have a lovely weekend and see you all MondayπŸ‘‹.

Enjoy completing this crossword!!

4 responses to “Amazing spellers in 3R!😍”

  1. Vaneza S.

    Good job all of you.

  2. Madeeha T.

    well done

    1. Zahra N.

      Well done Everyone.

  3. Khadijah M.

    I’m super proud that I got 10!

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