Amazing Week 2 in Reception Red

This week we have continued our new topic of ‘All About Me’ as well continuing to settle into our new routines and structures.😊

Please take a look at our learning below and comment on what your favourite part of the week was.😊

Basic Skills – To develop fine motor skills for writing and recognising/ writing my name and dough disco. To begin to write numbers 1-5 correctly

Maths – To identify and match 2D shapes

To match objects to create pair

Understanding of the world – To talk about people in our family

SEAL – To know what the school rules are and how to follow them

Expressive Art/Design – To sing in a group, matching pitch and following melody

PSED – To understand that we are all different

SMSC-To think about what makes us feel special

3 thoughts on “Amazing Week 2 in Reception Red

  1. I loved learning new things everyday.
    I loved telling everyone who lives with me.
    I have four brothers and i am the princess of my house.

  2. I loved this week at school especially the story about the ugly duckling – he turned into a very big swan. Thank you to my wonderful teachers.

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